Elements of Style

By: The Honey Good Editorial Staff

Are you preparing to uproot and move into something a little bit more manageable, smaller...centrally located? It's a chapter we all face at one point in our lives and often a daunting task at that. 

Instead of looking at the relocation as an exhausting task, we challenge you to go for the glass half full! This is an opportunity to re-define your style sans popsicle stains, (well, unless the little darlings come over for a visit) dog hair, muddy boots, red wine stains, Crayola walls, etc. now that you've emptied out the family nest. This is your moment to shine and add panache to your new space. Think of it as a blank canvas.

Now all you have to do is figure out what your style is. About that...what is your style? Here are some defining factors for each major design movement.

Shabby Chic...think:

  • white painted wood furniture
  • distressed
  • peonies, always
  • white cottons and linens
  • rarely patterns or vibrant colors


  • clean lines
  • a neutral palette
  • pops of color
  • geometric prints
  • clean lines
  • use of metallics

English Country...think:

  • heavy use of botanicals
  • soft colors
  • sconces
  • lots of upholstery
  • roll arm chairs

Ethnic Chic...think: 

  • clean furniture lines
  • exotic materials
  • fun accent colors
  • woven baskets
  • ethnic print pillows

Midcentury Modern...think: 

  • whimsical teals and oranges
  • triangular coffee tables
  • a mixture of Scandinavian and American designs
  • retro and uplifting


  • feminine lines
  • trendy pieces
  • a modern version of traditional
  • fluid lines
  • brass tables
  • curvy neutral sofas

Have we inspired you? We hope so! And our #1 rule for all home decor:

Never match your artwork to the room! In essence, buy what you love. Somehow, when you put it all together it will represent your personal style and look cohesive. Every room should share a snippet of your life!

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