Embracing Trends in Your Home


By Paula Winter. Your home. Your style. Sounds right.

My work utilizes a lot of saturated color in a variety of applications. So, my clients anticipate and embrace these possibilities in our projects. Trends cycle around and come in many shapes and sizes. Trends can be a friend or a nemesis. Some can be integrated into a design and easily interface with today’s concepts and functionality. In my opinion, some trends can be given a monogrammed welcome mat, others kept in the recycling bin.

When the trend of avocado green returned (which by the way, we never referred to as avocado green again in any palette!), we renamed the color to better suit our current lives and vernacular. Welcome to ‘kelp’, ‘kale’ and ‘rosemary.’ Are you smiling when you see this? Grimacing? Too young to remember? (Please don’t tell me if this is your answer!) Your response probably indicates if you should allow this trend back into your home. The new name may be enough to make it fabulous for you! Why not try to use it for ‘small stuff’ like a piece of pottery or candles or make a big splash like a ceiling or a cabinet?

Are trends important to you when improving your home? Do you prefer to have current and trendy or classic and timeless? Here’s a tip -- you can have both. It takes knowledge and a good bit of experience to harness the balance required to achieve this marriage—but, it can be done. Some trends we welcome back in with gusto and some as a whisper. It’s all okay and all part of the challenge of creating your best home.


*Photo by Paula Winter Design