Eyeware: How to Look Great in Glasses

By: The Honey Good Editorial Team

Readers, sunglasses and prescription glasses can take years off your look... or add decades to your face. Glasses are something you wear every day, so they are arguably your most important fashion accessory. In fact, the perfect pair of glasses can shave years off your appearance; think of great, flattering glasses as a painless facelift in frames.

Charla Krupp, author of "How Not to Look Old" recommends keeping 3 pairs of glasses on hand: one for work, one for nighttime and one for weekends. Honey agrees, to say the least! She shared a picture of her extensive glass collection and explained why she feels that changing her glasses is as important as any other style rule. "I match my glasses to my clothes and they're as important as my shoes."

One of the most important things to know about picking flattering eyeglasses of any sort is... have some fun! Sure, it's important to consider your face shape and your hair color, but your personality should be the largest driver of which glasses suit you best.

Are their rules about which glasses are chic? No! If you love them and they look great on, get them. Just never, never put your glasses on a chain.

Makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo shared good advice about makeup under eyewear in  “O” The Oprah Magazine (note you can find all the tips in detail with this link):

1. Curl your lashes. 

2. Use eyeliner along the upper lash line and your waterline, the inner rim of your lower lashes. Dark gray and brown flatter every eye color and are less harsh than black. Rebecca says to skip eyeshadow – that it won’t show under glasses unless you pile it on. Sorry Rebecca but I disagree. I use Bobbi Brown shadows in shades of Cocoa, Cement and Champagne – which are very subtle colors and I think they look good.

3. Apply two coats of volumizing mascara to your top lashes. I like Lancome Hynose Star mascara in black. It makes my lashes look very long.

4. Minimize natural darkness with concealer. Rebecca says that eyeglass frames can cast shadows around your eyes. I use Bobbi Brown Corrector in peach and top it with Smashbox Concealer in 3.0.

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