Father's Day: A Tribute to My Son-In-Laws


The calendar has turned to June and once again my thoughts turn to Father’s Day! We know our emotional role, we show are love and respect for the men in our lives. Father’s Day is the day to honor them. First, I would like to provide a little history of the historic role and how Father’s Day became a national holiday. Did you know that Father’s Day has celebrated over 100 years of honoring fathers!

In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd, sat in her church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. She knew she wanted to designate a day to honor her father, a Civil War veteran, who singlehandedly raised her and his five other children when his wife died giving birth to Sonora. His name was William Jackson Smart.

Sonora petitioned the city mayor of Spokane, Washington to declare Father’s Day a holiday in her city. Finally in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made it a permanent holiday.


I want to honor my sons-in-law and give you the emotional “history” of their roles as fathers to my precious grandchildren…their children. All together there are a total of eleven children! Each of my sons-in-laws holds keys to my heart. Their personalities are as different as night and day. Their roles as father is pristine.

I named my Arizona son-in-law, “Mrs. Doubtfire!" He is helping my daughter raise three of my grandchildren. He does everything a wife can do!  He grocery shops (he says my daughter spends too much money at the market). He cooks (my daughter would rather be in her artist studio “creating” then in the kitchen creating a meal. He makes the best matzo ball soup! They are a family that travels together, spends their weekends together, and enjoys sharing their lives together as a tightly knit unit of “one.” My son-in-law gets fifty-one percent of the credit. And, by the way, he is a very successful businessman. I applaud him for making his family as important as his career. I dearly love him and wish him a very “well earned” Father’s Day!

My other son-in-law has a total of eight children! He says my daughter is, “the engine that drives the train.” Not quite. He supports eight children! And very well…I might add. He cooks the turkey at Thanksgiving and does Barbeque on weekends. He presides at Shabbat dinners every Friday evening so the children learn to observe their religious tradition. He is loving, caring, and has an extremely hard work ethic that he has instilled in his children. I love him as dearly and wish him a very “well-earned” Father’s Day. He is not a “Mrs. Doubtfire.” He is a “Mr. Superman.”

My sons-in-laws are the sons I never had. Neither of them has a mom any longer so I am the mom, they now have! They call me Honey, as do my grandchildren. I know if I needed them for anything, they would rush to my side. I would do the same for them.

On this Father’s Day honor your sons-in-laws. A mother-in-law can play a wonderful loving role in the family, to include a blended family, so take advantage of that and do something great!