Finding Flexibility in Home Storage


By Paula Winter. These shoes don’t fit in that bin. The two tennis racquets can’t stand up in the new cubby. My food processor is too heavy for that base cabinet. Our suitcase is too tall for that shelf...

Sound familiar?

So many situations require flexibility. Our attitudes, our schedules, just life in general, really…and I’m going to add our interior environments to this list. If you’re like many of my clients, you have items that require home storage but the question is, how? I often custom design furnishings driven by these criteria and a couple of years ago completed an entire space defined by an array of multi-functioning storage pieces. Brilliant! (At least my clients thought so!)

Flexibility is a word that could always be written in CAPITAL letters….FLEXIBILITY.

So, when purchasing that next storage piece consider this—what do you need to store in there right now? Next season? Down the road? Choosing an adequate depth for any foreseeable needs and having adjustable shelves will be your best options. It's even better if the shelves can be removed. Right now you might have hockey sticks and duffel bags but someday those might be replaced with serving trays and linens. I’ll leave it up to you to properly clean and disinfect—not my bailiwick!

A beautiful over-scaled storage piece can be a great addition to some spaces and make a dynamic statement. Think long winter coats, table pads or exercise paraphernalia. The list is relentless if you don’t have the proper home storage. If you have a great ‘eye’ for determining this type of scale—go for it! If not, consult with your interior designer.

Below are a few recommended storage solutions if a customized cabinet isn't in the cards:

And we didn’t touch on FLEXIBILITY in floor plans and furniture arranging, but we will next time!