For World Peace: Woo Woos Unite


By Lorraine Iverson. What's a woo woo? A woo woo is someone who is a spiritual being (not necessarily a religious one). A woo woo believes there is more to life than just the superficial, day-to-day of existing. Woo woos believe they can create their reality and change the world with their thoughts and deeds. We expect miracles and we find them in everyday happenings. I would say that most of my dearest friends are woo woos on some level.

Not sure where the term came from. It may have started as a derogative name from a friendly observer, but it stuck. The words "Woo woooooooooo" sound sort of spooky. You can also sing it to the melody of the Twilight Zone theme. Now you've got it! I like the term and find it descriptive. We are a bunch of dreamers but many of our dreams become reality because of our guiding belief that we create our reality. Many of my fellows woo woos have create successful businesses from nothing but a vision. One very powerful woman I know manifested a relationship - from her lips to God's ears - in two weeks. The man of her dreams literally showed up on her doorstep. It's all about being very clear in knowing what you want to create, putting it out there, knowing it is already done and beginning to live in the dream to which you have given life. Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes it's a long journey, but the belief that it is happening fuels the reality.

A group of women in my neighborhood created a woo woo book group. We started several years ago with Ekhart Tolle's The New Earth. We had begun reading this in our regular book group but several of us wanted to delve deeper into his writing so we branched off and formed a strange new band of seekers. Over the years we've read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, Joseph Chilton Pierce's, Crack in the Cosmic a Egg, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza, lots of Anne Lamott, Chopra and Wayne Dyer, just to name a few.

Some of these books we've hated, some we have loved, but every single one of them has kicked off an in depth discussion -- always lively and passionate, sometimes emotional and personally revealing, but never acrimonious or hurtful. I have often walked home from one of these gatherings thinking how blessed we are to find such like-minded people to share and learn and grow with.

But are we really like-minded? No, actually we are not at all. We live in the same neighborhood so probably our socio-economics are similar but it ends there. The group consists of a couple dyed-in-the-wool woo woos, a practicing catholic, a recovering catholic, a Presbyterian, a couple agnostics, one atheist and a few other non-declared. Some had typical middle class upbringing (with all that implies), others grew up poor and struggling, all of our stories are unique. Why is it that this group of women can share these books and ideas that are, for some, so far from their personal/religious beliefs and discuss them in a civilized, respectful manner without conflict? We may not always agree with a doctrine or belief but we always see how it works for others and we accept it in that context. I have found that people usually seek out groups of like-minded to do this kind of work. You don't usually find Buddhists at a bible group. But our group seems to thrive on the diversity of our beliefs. Several have found that the "new thought" readings have actually enriched their life long religious practices.

What if the world could work this way?

What if world leaders, with beliefs embedded in ancient religions that have fueled wars since the beginning of time, could sit down together and find the truths that unite them amongst all the dogma that has divided them. They all believe in a God. They all believe in the family, in doing good deeds, in love, etc. Could the common threads of love unite the world long enough for them to stop killing each other in the name of God?

Maybe women need to take charge.

Our little book group is just women. What would be the dynamics if men joined? Would it be more divisive, harder to accept ideas outside core beliefs? I know this group is a tiny spec of a microcosm of the world but perhaps it's worth investigating. I've always believed that if women ran the world, they would be much less likely to send their children off to die for ancient causes and egos. The world has had some ball-busting women leaders but, for the most part, women are better communicators and better able to compromise. Of course there are many major players in our ongoing global conflicts that would never allow women to ascend to the level of world negotiations but a woo woo can dream.

Let's dream it together.

This could be the ultimate woo woo experiment to prove this stuff works. We bring together women from around the world together for a conference on peace. We find what unites us and we build on it. Do you think anyone would listen? Are we the secret to healing? I know others have tried before but perhaps the world is a bit more enlightened today. Let's keep trying.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

This is one of my favorite phrases of all time. I have to ask myself this all the time to keep my ego in check and my heart open. What if this was the uniting question the women of the world could use to stop the fighting and find a way to world peace? Through forgiveness and a devotion to peace we could start over. All the giant international egos could put aside the need to right and to be the supreme winner for a chance to be happy.

Yes, this all very simplistic and many of you are asking what I'm smoking. But it's that woo woo dreamer that believes that at our highest, evolved selfs we all want to live in peace.

So maybe this begins to happen one little book group at a time. One bible group meets with one Torah group. We begin by looking for common ground and open our hearts and minds to our differences. Baby steps become a movement.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one...