Four Top Adventure Tourism Destinations


You have two weeks of vacation time coming up. Would you rather spend it sitting on your great aunt Bertha’s couch admiring her seashell collection, standing on line after line in a crowded theme park, or heading out for an incredible and scenic adventure of a lifetime? Yeah, we thought so, and we feel the same way.

In honor of your thirst for adventure and desire to see something different on your vacation, consider the following four incredible tourism destinations:

A Mountain Biking Safari in Namibia

Wildlife lovers who would rather get around under their own power on two wheels instead of four will love spending time in the African country of Namibia, Travel and Leisure notes. H&I Adventures specializes in incredible mountain biking adventures that range in difficulty. The mountain biking safari in Namibia is ideal for novice bike riders. In addition to experiencing the gorgeous Skeleton Coast, vacation adventurers will ride to inland watering holes where animals like endangered black rhinos, lions and elephants come to drink and cool off.

Run a Marathon in Antarctica

If you enjoy the challenge of running 26.2 miles all in one day, but are looking for a race that is unique and definitely different, the Ice Marathon in Antarctica is sure to have what you are looking for. As Lonely Planet notes, this annual run features bone-chilling temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, with wind chill factors that will make it seem even colder. The race course is so frigid, even the adorable penguins avoid it. Fortunately, if you want to tackle this uber marathon experience on your vacation, you don’t really need to train in extreme cold, but you do need to follow the advice on on what gear to bring and what to wear.

A Guided Motorcycle Tour of SoCal

If your dream vacation involves a motorcycle and plenty of blue skies and sun, then a guided riding tour from MotoVentures has just what you are looking for. The company offers two or three-day guided tours that go from elevations of 1,000 feet to 7,000 feet above sea level, all in one day. From dry lake beds to rugged and scenic trails and much more, the off-road riding tours require participants to have medium-level motorcycle riding skills. Preparing for this adventure will require a bit more time and attention to detail than simply tossing some riding gear in a backpack; to make sure you have everything you need, visit an online store like BikeBandit ahead of time and stock up on the proper gear and apparel to tackle SoCal’s sunny and scenic off-road trails.

Surf Volcanoes in Nicaragua

For vacationers who have Central America and sand surfing on their bucket lists, Austin-Lehman offers a trip that will kill two proverbial adventure birds with one stone. The adventure of a lifetime features black-sand “surfing” down the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua, as well as mountain-climbing and other thrilling adventures. If sea kayaking is more your thing, the small and scenic Central America country features a huge inland lake as well as dozens of miles of incredible coastline.