Free Beauty Services For Cancer Survivors

By Susan "Honey" Good


I identify with the word "Survive."

Survival is a concept that I feel defines my life. I have survived so much... widowhood, cancer and more. And yet, never have my challenges defined me but surviving them, yes, that has made me who I am.

I am now a woman that I am proud to have become.

Life has taught me grit and grace. My trials and tribulations have kept me grateful. There is not a moment of my life I would trade.

My journey has had its ups and downs but, for keeping on my path, I have been rewarded with more joy and love than any one heart deserves to hold. I am thankful.

And, as a cancer survivor, I am beyond awed by a woman named Barbara Paget and her charitable initiative, Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day (CSBSD™) is June 6th, celebrated in all 50 states and Canada.

It is a day of complimentary beauty services for all men, women, and children cancer survivors, regardless of their type of cancer or when they were diagnosed.

All cancer survivors are invited to participate and, for many, CSBSD™ is the only time during the year that they receive a little personal kindness, warm support and tender pampering.

To learn more about this all volunteer day, please go to