Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren


By Honey Good. According to the U.S Census Bureau, there are millions of grandchildren raised exclusively in the homes of their grandmothers in the United States. To those grandmothers: I dedicate this blog post to you! How grand you are and what a gift you are to your grandchildren!

At our stage of life most of our children have left the nest. For many of you, due to circumstances beyond your control this is not the case. You have had to step up to the plate, becoming mothers “the second time around.” With your experience, wisdom and unconditional love, you will raise exceptional grandchildren and leave your legacy. How fortunate your grandchildren are to have you!

While I have experienced many things in life, this situation is not one I am personally familiar with. I am trying to define the “role” of a single grandmother raising your children’s children in my mind. You are emotionally taking on the responsibility of motherhood at an older age. I’m sure you are already emotionally spent due to the unpleasant circumstances surrounding your family, which brought you to the rescue. On top of that, being single with no emotional or financial support from a companion adds more stress to the equation. You are also facing the task of raising grandchildren who are uprooted from their parent(s). You are faced with an enormous responsibility.

There is the saying: every negative has a positive. I sense that once life with your grandchildren is normalized you feel a sense of renewal. You see your glass of love full because you have poured the contents of your love into your grandchildren’s lives by passing on the lessons you have learned over the years. You gift your grandchildren with tools for life. You save them from mistakes you made with your children and bestow all your love on them. Your grandchildren thrive under your wing. In return, your grandchildren adore you.

And on a lighter note, I imagine your grandchildren teach you what is hip today! You become new age grandmothers! Web surfing grandmothers. Facebook grandmothers. Texting grandmothers. You learn rap. You listen to Jay-Z or Eminem. You go to football practice and dance classes. You drive carpool and become “one of the girls!” You help with homework and relearn many things you had forgotten. Your grandchildren become a positive force in your lives. Laughter fills your home combined with all the emotional turmoil young people go through. There is no time to “get old.” At least, this is what I imagine.

And I believe if I asked you if you have any regrets, your answer would be, with a smile on your face, a resounding, “No, I have zero regrets!” And that is why I bestow on you the title of GRANDmother! And that is why I honor and dedicate this blog in your name.

Warmly, Honey