Great Style for Every Body.

Working with a Stylist

By: Team Stylists

Looking good and feeling fabulous no matter your age, no matter your weight, no matter your budget, no matter your shape is what a “girl” wants and what a “girl” needs. We want uncompromising style and comfort and yet, who doesn’t want to walk into a room and get noticed because she rocks that outfit? Create a winning wardrobe that turns heads for all the right reasons by accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative. You don’t have to wear expensive designer top to bottom. With a keen eye you can easily mix high and low to hone in on your signature style.

TS had a recent experience with a valued and dedicated client who lives out of state and was flying into L.A. on a Wednesday. The challenge she presented us with was to find all the right outfits for a wedding weekend in Ojai. The caveat? The wedding would take place that coming weekend and she had only 3 1/2 hours to SHOP. Talk about the 11th hour! In addition she also wanted a couple of exciting L.A. looks for future visits. “No wool, no bare arms, no sheers, no heels higher than 2 inches and no big prints. Need a new ankle high boot.”  "My body," she wrote, "has succumbed to the ravages of AGE. What a surprise! My boobs have gotten BIGGER, my
thighs have gotten THICKER, and my booty has DROPPED and SPREAD.”  No worries, GREAT STYLE DOES NOT NEED A PERFECT BODY.

Time to go to work! We hit the ground running from Century City to Beverly Hills to Sunset Plaza collecting and pairing looks with one thought in mind…What the girl wants and what the girl needs. Fortunately we have established relationships with knowledgeable sales associates who, because of our track record, were eager to accommodate us. At Neimans, Kimberly and her assistant Samantha held our selected merchandise under lock and key. They transferred shoes from one department to another and from one store to another. At Saks, Ferri and Phyllis held all the permutations and combinations of L.A. looks that we had gathered. Nicole’s and Calypso allowed us to take the clothes out on memo as we wished. We had done our homework. We were well prepared for the BIG DAY.

Wednesday 11:30 A.M.

After meeting, greeting and catching up we were “on the clock”. We escorted our client to a spacious dressing room to experience her joy when seeing the wonderful head-to-toe options that we had put together just for her. Right out of the gate, we were winners. The Haute Hippie jewel embellished cream silk blouse with the mid length subtle print silk skirt wrapped up in a luxurious fringed shawl was a killer. She died for it! The gray suede Prada kitten heel was the final step. A perfect and flattering beige bootleg pant by Elie Tahari teamed with a shimmering Majestic tee and Nicholas Kirkwood metallic gold flat was just right for the casual rehearsal dinner.

A dark denim Seven jean that fit like a dream was the essential base for simple tees, beautiful peasant blouses, a navy (not wool) poncho, and a very cool deconstructed blazer. We successfully addressed her body type by pairing tighter silhouettes and balancing them with looser fitting items elsewhere. Alterations included. She then put her best foot forward in a wedge ankle boot by Stuart Weitzman. The “footwork” was done.

Wednesday 2:30 P.M.

TS and client bid adieu. Both were pleased with a win-win experience. You too can free yourself from the anxiety and frustration of unsuccessful shopping.


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