Hair Care for Older Hair

Hair Care for Older Hair

The Key to Keeping Your Hair May Be To Stop Cleaning It

By Susan "Honey" Good

Like so many things in our lives, as we age, our hair changes. And "change" is the key word here, darlings. Let's not think of our hair as thinning or dry or brittle or gray or... difficult, let's think of it as different. 

The trick then becomes treating your different, new hair type differently than you have in the past. 

One way to do this is by re-evaluating your hair care routine, as I have. Because, some of the harsh chemicals and treatments that your hair may have been able to handle previously are no longer good for your new, "different" locks.

To keep hair gorgeous, stop cleaning it

 Have you heard of the "No Poo" hair care method? No Poo, taken literally, refers to the practice of eschewing traditional, commercial shampoo in search of healthy, hydrated hair.

And while advocates swear that skipping shampoo leaves locks looking better, there are also a host of health advantages for those who skip shampoo. Namely kicking chemicals, such as sodium lauryl, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens and 1,4-dioxanes, out of their beauty routines.

One way to go shampoo-less is  by using a DIY honey shampoo. A natural beauty and health blog I've read called, suggests using a basic recipe of one tablespoon raw honey and three tablespoons of filtered water massaged into the hair and scalp to clean locks naturally.

Would you try something this different on your new "different" hair. darlings?

Almost "No Poo!" Store bought alternatives to traditional shampoos

Those interested in embracing No Poo in less of a homegrown manner can opt for one of the bottled No Poo offerings, such as these:

hair care for older hair

Deva Curl "No Poo," a no-lather conditioning cleanser. DevaCurl No-Poo® is the original, bestselling, non-lathering shampoo alternative -- no parabens, no sulfates  and no phthalates. Get it for $20 here.

hair care for older hair

Sea Chi Organics Leave-on Moisturizing Treatment and Hair Growth Formula. Sold in an 8 oz bottle for $59 at, this product is designed to be applied to scalp and hair then left on for 30 minutes with a hot towel wrap.

No matter what No Poo method you choose, be ready to embrace the dreaded adjustment period. A period during which hair may look greasy and dull as it acclimates to the switch from aggressive, sudsing shampoos to no shampoo at all.

Many report that over a period ranging from one week to four weeks hair goes through changes as it regulates oil production on the road to the promise of shiny, health hydrated locks... with No Poo in sight.

Has your hair changed over the years? Would you consider skipping shampoo? I'd love to know if you have any hair concerns or tips of your own to share! You can comment below or connect with me on FacebookTwitter and even Instagram. Let's chat!