It's All About Hair

By Susan "Honey" Good

I received so many comments from many of you, dear readers, with regard to a story I shared this past week about my hair! In the story, entitled "Change Your Hairstyle After 50," I shared the story of my many hair styles. 

As I mentioned in that blog post, my hair "story" began when I was still in diapers and the saga continues to this day.

I imagine if my mother was a young woman, she would be a world renowned hairdresser with salons across America. Why? Because for the first 18 years of my life, I was her client. Her professional shears were unstoppable and not until I escaped her escapades, when I left home for college, did I finally have a chance to choose ‘my look.’

And once I had the power to change my look, boy did I ever embrace that power! Sporting everything from a buzz cut to a chic bob to my now longer lob. At any rate, since so many of you commented about the bob featured in that story -- which was actually one of my hairstyles last year -- I thought I'd share some of my most favorite and ever changing hair 'dos from recent years.

June 2015: With Shelly in our Chicago home office.

August 2015: Slicked back at a charming Farmer's Market near my Chicago condo.

October 2015: Even shorter now but still slicked back for Fall just off Rush St. in Chicago

HG Sept-46.jpg

April 2016: This is the look so many of you loved! An easy, breezy classic bob. 

June 2016: My hair is long again in a style many call a lob which literally stands for Long Bob.

October 2016: The photographer, a lovely young woman, wore a crown to our shoot -- I believe it was Halloween day -- and naturally I borrowed it for a few pictures. Why not?!

January 2017: My hair is a bit choppy because, as I mentioned in this story, when my hair is feeling a bit too long, I walk into the kitchen, open up my knife drawer where I keep the kitchen shears and think of my mother with a smile as I cut my hair. If you notice in my pictures, you will see my hair is uneven on the sides. That is what I have named the Honey Good cut and I have decided I like it just fine. 

Honey Good Dec.2016_04.jpg