A Happy New Year from The Honey Good Team

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends! From all of us at Honey Good, we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year and to get the year started off on the right foot, we've listed out a few of our New Year's Resolutions/Goals to share with you! "Drink less red wine. Olivia Pope steered us all wrong, but let's remember: one glass is heart healthy, one bottle is binge drinking. Remember people's birthdays and send them a card. Even though I think a phone call is better than mailing a $5 piece of paper they are going to immediately recycle, people apparently appreciate a greeting card. So just do it. Don't get mad at the little things. I can't make the woman next to me on the subway NOT smack her gum and clip her fingernails. But I can control the high blood pressure I give myself by staring daggers at her, and that could also save me from a heart attack." - Jordan Elizabeth

"In 2015, I'd really love to make it a point to travel more often and explore new places. Even if it's just a few hours in any direction - just to go somewhere new. This past year I finally treated myself to a vacation to Colorado and California, which was an amazing break from New York. It made me realize how much there is to see out there, and my creative inspiration was at an all time high after that trip. Philadelphia, Portland and Austin are on my to-go list (so far!)" - Kirsten Nunez

"Stress less. Save more. Travel abroad. Graduate business school magna cum laude. Then I'd like to streamline, simplify and really focus on quality over quantity in all aspects of my life. I also plan to reinvest time and energy into all of my relationships and continue to work on creating a healthier lifestyle and harnessing a positive perspective in as many things as I can. And learn all the lyrics to Taylor Swift's 1989 album." - Kiley Peters

"One of my goals this year is to continue to write as much as I can, maybe finish the book proposal I started at the end of 2013. I also want to get my production company up and running so I can help produce TV specials to the many comedians I feel deserve them but haven't gotten a chance to shine. In my personal life, I would like to not sweat the small stuff or even the big curves that life sends my way. My son is moving to the West Coast in 2015 so I have to look forward to. I want to be able to deal with that in a mature matter. Either that or just up renew my subscription to the Wine of the Month Club." - Carole Montgomery

"I'm setting intentions instead of declaring resolutions. I've had the same damn resolutions every year for as long as I can remember - lose weight, exercise more, blah, blah, blah. My intentions: By May 1st, I will have recovered from my knee replacements and will be planning my trip to Spain in October. By June 30th, I will have sold three paintings so far in 2015. By September 5th, I will have created a new revenue stream for my family. The specifics of the intentions helps gather more energy to manifest them. We shall see. I wish you well in 2015." - Lorraine Iverson

"I have two main goals for 2015. First, I will dig deeper in the New Year to expand upon the different places/ways that I can connect and make a difference in my life, others and our world. Secondly, I will also block out the time to deepen my relationships by sharing quality time with the people in my life." - Gail Stone

"I would like to travel more, concentrate my volunteer efforts on some new charities, strengthen my relationships with family and friends and continue to mentor young students. Professionally, I aim to be the spokesperson for Dollarama, showing homeowners how they can use items from the Dollar Store in their homes. I also plan on continuing to film my TV show Love Your House and hope to book more speaking engagements, expand my staging services to more Real Estate offices and continue working with my business coach to move my business ahead. As I am writing this, I am so looking forward to beginning 2015!" - Sue Pitchforth

"To do my best and be my best at whatever my endeavors are. Being happy, having a healthy lifestyle, creating beautiful environments, being a caring wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend and expanding my horizons. I'd also like to learn the lyrics to all the songs I listen to and belt out in the car while I'm at it! This year will bring my first grandchild into this world and I plan on being plugged in to every moment I can. We live in a crazy world that is tempered and defined by family and friends and caring." - Paula Winter

"This year I am going to 'try- try-try' to implement some sanity “with my stuff.” Mind you I am very neat. I am just not organized because I have a million thoughts going through my mind like the Mad Hatter! So, I have made myself a time saving list for the New Year. I am basing it on my husband, Shelly’s golden rules: 'Life without organization and discipline is havoc!' 'Plan your work; work your plan!' I am going to try, try, try! My time-saving tips include: focus, preparation, discipline and prioritization! Fingers crossed!" - Honey Good