Healthy Holiday Gifts


By: Meredith Fritz

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are among us and New Year’s resolutions are at the brink of being formed. There are no better gifts than the ones that make your loved ones feel good, help them stay motivated and promote healthy living. Below is a list of some of my personal favorite items to give to the loved ones in your life.

  • Fitbit Flex™ - This device is worn on the wrist will help your friend or family member stay on top of their diet and exercise regimen. Combined with the Fitbit app, you can log your diet, track your workouts and even see how effectively you sleep. It can be purchased in a multitude of colors, Tory Burch even designed one for your most fashion forward friend.
  • BKR Water Bottle - If I had one first step to help you or anyone you know get closer to your fitness goal it would be to drink water and then drink some more. The most effective way to start is to have a water bottle you can’t wait to drink out of. BKR was created by two health and fashion forward Cali girls. They make beautiful glass water bottles that are great to give to anyone you know. Your friend will thank you because it’s something they wouldn’t buy for themselves but are so happy that someone else did!
  • Cocovít - It’s not only important to be healthy on the inside but also on the outside. As these winter months bring harsh temperatures, we can’t forget to keep our skin healthy. Cocovít Coconut Oil is harvested from fresh, organic coconuts in South India, the oil is USDA Organic, FDA approved and is food grade so you can eat it. This is a product I personally use daily as apart of my daily shower routine. The travel size jar is perfect for anyone to tuck into their gym bag for after their post workout shower.
  • Herschel Supply Novel Duffle - Anyone who goes to the gym right before or after work knows the importance of a spacious gym bag. The amount of products and clothing items that is needed for a pre-work workout would make this bag the perfect gift for your avid gym-going friend. This bag also comes in a wide variety of colors to match with the personality of anyone you know.
  • STR/KE MOVEMENT Chill Pill 2 Shoes - No holiday gift list is complete without a pair of sneakers. All their shoes are unisex, making the perfect gift for any guy or girl in your life. I feel in love with their simple style. Their shoes are made to be completely functional for any tough workout but are also sleek enough to pair with some jeans and a hoodie on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Nike Elite Cushioned No Show Tab Socks - A great pair of workout socks are the perfect stocking stuffer. At a price tag of under $20 and for purchase in a range of color options these socks will ensure that your loved ones are blister free on their next endurance run.

Hopefully these items will make shopping for those on your holiday gift list a cinch, also don’t forget to treat yourself to some these items as well!

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