Healthy Running Tips

By: Meredith Fritz

You’ve waited for it, dreamt about it, shopped for it...running season is here!  You have powered through those freezing winter months and countless hours in the gym to be able to break free and use the outdoors as your gym.  

Before you start lacing your new sneakers, here are some pointers to keep you injury free.

  1. Buy new gym shoes. It’s not a luxury to buy new running shoes each season, it’s a necessity.  Once the cushioning of the shoes wears thin, you become more injury prone. For most of you, if you were to strike the ground barefoot, you would likely be over or under pronating.  A healthy pair of running shoes will help fix that for you.

  2. Check your posture. Running with tall posture is essential to moving swiftly and running with proper form.  Usually the first thing that goes is your head, then your neck, then your shoulders.  A helpful tip to keeping your head held high is to focus your vision ahead rather than on the pavement; once your vision lowers, your head typically follows.

  3. Count the miles. As you start running, be aware of how many miles you are running each week.  Try not to jump the gun on increasing your mileage more than 10% each week. Running too much too fast will make any runner injury prone.  Ailments, like shin splints, occur when you run too much too quick.

  4. Don’t forget to strength train. It is commonly known that long distance running doesn’t promote muscle growth - just look at a picture of an Olympic sprinter and an Olympic marathon runner. On the days that you aren’t running, make sure you’re lifting heavy weights.  The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism and no one wants a slower metabolism!

If you have any questions on the correct shoes, your form, or anything running related check out your local running store. The staff will be trained to help you get on the road properly dressed and ready to go!

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