Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other


By Honey Good. I love buying gifts! My number one priority is to make sure each gift is perfect for the person receiving it. I never go out and just buy; I think . I shop for that special gift for that special occasion for that special person. I like my gifts to be keepsakes, filled with thoughtfulness. I get so much pleasure out of shopping for others and giving gifts. Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I would share a few of my favorite gifts I gave to my husband, Shelly. I choose to tell you about these gift ideas since sometimes men are a little harder to shop for than women and maybe it will spark some ideas for you this holiday season!

  • A caramel colored crystal LALIQUE Chinese monkey. It was the Chinese Year of the Monkey. “What a meaningful gift,” I thought to myself eying the monkey sitting on the shelf in a thinking position with his back slightly rounded and his hand on his chin. What made this gift so personal? Because it was the year Shelly retired. He was entering a new passage in his life. “Think! Think! Think! You will find your new calling,” I wrote on the card! The monkey sits on his desk four years later.
  • A paperweight with an artist’s drawing of cigars under the crystal. I am sure you figured out why it was so well received. It also sits on his desk.
  • A poem I wrote. This poem described Shelly’s personality to a “T” in a sterling silver Tiffany picture frame. It sits in a prominent place in our den. To this day it is his favorite gift.
  • A customized money clip. I had a special coin made into a money clip and gave it to Shelly on our first anniversary. It says “We are one!” on the back.
  • Cufflinks. For another anniversary, I gave Shelly Barry Kieselstein cufflinks. One set has the design of the Sun and I gave it to him as a birthday present. The card read, “You are the sunshine of my life.” The other set has Lions on it. The card read, “You are the King of my jungle!”
  • A crystal candy kiss. I kissed a stark white card with red lipstick on it and gifted it with this candy kiss. • A monogramed silver pen from Monte Blanc.
  • A silk tie from Hermes with palm trees which was a memory of a trip to Hawaii. The card read, “Aloha! I love you.”

The best gift we can give our loved ones is our love. Love is the greatest value and the greatest keepsake. So, over the holidays with a great big smile wrap your arms around that person and seal your love with a smooch!

Warmly, Honey