Home Decor Dilemmas That Need Solving


By Sue Pitchforth. Decorating dilemmas come in all shapes and sizes. For most homeowners, a home décor dilemma is very frustrating and a real challenge. I’m here to help make you sense of three dilemmas that I hear from clients on a daily basis and how you can solve them.

1. How do I arrange my furniture? Ever walk into a room in your home and wonder why it’s not just right? Most of us have too much furniture. We need to edit! Here are some suggestions to help you decide what to do:

  • Evaluate your furniture and its placement. What can you remove and how can you re-position your furniture? Be selective and objective. Can’t do it alone? Why not invite a friend to help!?
  • Bring your furniture away from the walls. Most homeowners have their furniture up along the walls, not allowing for conversation areas. Make sure your couches and chairs are not too far away so people can enjoy the natural flow of conversation.
  • Consider angling your furniture. I know it might be strange but it really adds interest and movement to your room. This is one of my favorite tricks.
  • Move furniture away from highly traveled traffic areas. There’s nothing worse than having a piece of furniture always in the way.

Need some tips to help arrange your furniture? Check this out.

2. Where do I hang my curtains and how high do I place my curtain rod? A dilemma that every homeowner has faced. We all want the curtains to add that finishing touch to a room. We need to know:

  • Where do I install the rod --  just above the window frame or much higher?
  • How much wider than the window to I install the rod?
  • Does the curtain touch or graze the floor?

It’s amazing how just moving the curtain rod up higher can change the perception of the size of a room.

All important questions we need answers to. Here’s a link that shows various diagrams to help you decide.

3. How do I showcase my family photos gallery style? Most of us love to surround ourselves with our treasured family photos we have collected over the years. How do we best showcase them in our home? Family gallery walls make us smile and really add that family feeling.

When creating a gallery wall I always have my clients select an assortment of photos that they would like to showcase together. This is a wonderful exercise to do as you relive many special memories.

The next step is to collect frames that are all the same colour – preferably black in various sizes. We then photo copy the photos. The black and white photos all grouped in a collection can now be really enjoyed – while the original photos are safely kept in storage.

Then layout all the frames on the floor and begin to position them to see how best they look together. Gallery walls look great going up the staircase wall or in the hallway where there is an expanse of wall space. For more tips on creating your gallery wall, check this out.

I hope you are inspired to tackle a few of your own decorating dilemmas to make your home the special place it is. Have fun!