Ask Honey: How to Help a Granddaughter with Merca Boil Outbreaks

Dear Honey, I have a 2 yr old Granddaughter whom suffer from Merca boil outbreaks. I keep EVERYTHING sanitized & we have tried all treatments possible when she has the infection. DR’s even cut out the boils & the aftercare is so painful. I’ve got to keep wound open & pack it w/ antibiotic treated gauze. My question is, is there a Natural or even an over the counter,(ANYTHING) numbing agent available? My “Lil Nanner” breaks my heart when she cries “duhma it’s owies, no no no.” Dr’s don’t (or won’t) advise or give us anything to help. Please advise.

Thank you!


Dear Kind Gramma,

This is what I would do. I would visit a ‘natural’ health food store and ask for advice. If that does not work I would visit my pharmacist and ask for his advice.  And if that does not work I would ask my doctor, again, for help. I did a little research for you. They say there are ointments containing benzocaine that act as a strong numbing agent. Ask your pharmacist and doctor before applying to your granddaughter. I hope this helps relieve your granddaughter’s physical pain and your emotional pain.