Honey's Packing Tips


My husband Shelly and I are traveling. We are currently in Vienna where we are boarding a Tauck Tour cruise taking us down the Danube into Nuremberg. Then we’re going to Munich and Paris. How lucky is that!? Having traveled the world and packed hundreds of times I have discovered, through trial and error, a successful packing method. When I walk out the door for a long exciting adventure or for a short meeting in New York, I feel fabulous. Believe me, it did not happen overnight.

Nothing can be accomplished without a strategic plan. My travel itinerary and the weather determine my wardrobe must haves. This “mental action” gives me the option to choose my outfits with clarity.

Packing and unpacking is tedious whether it is for a short weekend getaway or an extended trip lasting several weeks. My plan makes the “physical action” of packing bearable. And I might add, I pack for two – myself and my husband!


  1. Clothes hangers with cardboard tubing
  2. Small and large plastic zip lock baggies
  3. Plastic drycleaner bags -- short and long


  1. LINGERIE AND NIGHT GOWNS ARE PLACED IN SEPARATE ZIP LOCK BAGS. My time and my energy. When I arrive at my destination I take the zip lock bags out of my suitcase and lay them in the dresser drawer. My drawer is neat and I don’t have to take each piece out of my suitcase one by one. Unpacking takes less than a few minutes from suitcase to drawer.
  2. EACH COMPLETE OUTFIT IS HUNG ON A LAUNDRY HANGER AND COVERED WITH A PLACSTIC BAG THAT PREVENTS WRINKLING. I can visually see each outfit for my trip. This is how I do it: I begin by laying my slacks over the hanger, my top lies as flat as possible over my slacks, possibly a scarf over the top and my jacket is then hung on the same hanger. The outfit is then covered with a plastic dry cleaning bag. I use the same procedure with my dresses and skirts. All the outfits are hung on a rack or in my closet so I can visually see my entire wardrobe in front of my eyes. This allows me to choose my shoes and handbags. Piece of cake.
  3. MY SHOES ARE PUT INTO LARGE SIZE PLASTIC ZIP LOCK BAGS AND MY EVENING HAND BAG (S) (A CLUTCH BECAUSE IT IS TAKES UP LITTLE SPACE) IS ALSO PUT INTO PLASTIC ZIP LOCKS. This way I can see everything. When I used shoe and handbag covers I was looking and looking and getting more and more frustrated. Not any longer.


You are curious how I pack my clothes in a suitcase on hangers? It is very simple. Take one bagged outfit and fold under at the bottom of the hanger and place at one end of your suitcase (this way your clothes will lay flat in your suitcase and not wrinkle.) The second set of clothing is folded under and placed flat at the opposite end of your suitcase. Keep rotating the hangers from one end to the other until completed. Your layered outfits will stay flat in your suitcase and be perfect.


You have had a long trip. You’re tired and dreading the unpacking process. Not with my plan. You will have everything in its correct place within minutes. Hang your outfits on their hangers in the closet. Take off the bags. Put your lingerie, nightgowns and evening bags in the drawers. Leave your shoes in the see through plastic zip locks and put in the closet. Except for your cosmetics, jewelry and accessories you are unpacked and ready to begin your trip with vigor.