How to Dream and Achieve


By: Gail Stone

In honor of Martin Luther King's "Dream" and all of our dreams. . .

As we end MLK month, we are all reminded of the lofty dream that Martin Luther King, Jr. had for our nation and its foundation of equality for all. His dream was so powerful that it has taken on a life of its own for us to nurture and continue to build upon. You have the power to do the same.

What are your dreams? Dream big! Give your dreams a life of their own. Dreams are as powerful as we want them to be. We just have to choose to nurture them. If we allow ourselves to dream and use our tools to manifest them, almost anything is possible!

Every day we hear about people - of all ages and circumstances - who have realized their dreams! Only you can stand in your way of the kind of life that you choose. We have the power.

Find your dream, write it down and make it a priority. Focus on it. Create a "dream board" by accumulating pictures, memorabilia, words, phrases, quotes that support your dream. Have a dream plan with tactical steps to follow. Share your dream with the universe. You never know who or what your dream may attract!

Several years ago, Jack Canfield, of "Chicken Soup" fame, was driven with his desire to share his endless knowledge about life, focusing on it almost every waking moment. He bumped into an editor from a fledging periodical called The Enquirer. They shared their dreams, as she offered to enter an excerpt from one of his, yet to be published, books. From there, the rest is history. You just have to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. From my perspective, that was no chance to this meeting. Jack attracted editor of The Enquirer because of his consistent thoughts and focus on his dream. Our thoughts determine who and what we attract in our lives. Be mindful.

Ask yourself, if you were to take 100%, what percentage of intention and what percentage of mechanism would you need to accomplish your dream? Think about it...

"If the intention is clear, the mechanism will appear." 100% intention! Always. mechanisms, the means to accomplish dreams, are endless!

And so, let us all bring more meaning into our lives by working towards realizing our dreams with 100% intention. In doing so, your success and exhilaration will likely create a better world, with your desire to help others! How exciting is that!? By making the decision to manifest your dream(s), you can become a powerful person by helping others and changing the world into a better place!

I leave you with a few parting and inspirational words:

This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do, and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life. Take the power to control your own life, to make it healthy, exciting, worthwhile and very happy. - Susan Polis Schutz

We grow great by dreams. . . - Woodrow Wilson

No one has put a limit on your dreams, so build those dreams and get moving!

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