How to Entertain Kids on a Snow Day

Snow Day

By Brynne Ramella. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was yesterday, which means your kids (or grandkids) got the day off from school. Now these days off from school are a gift for kids. Parents (or grandparents) might feel differently. Especially when it comes to unscheduled days off from school, like snow days. Those of us living in the cold weather are all too familiar with snow days. So what do you do when you have a house full of energetic, stir-crazy kids on an unexpected day off? Just check out this list of snow day activities!

  1. Bake.  If you have boys in the house, they might not be thrilled at the idea of helping mom or grandma in the kitchen. However, just remind them what the end game is here. Any self-respecting kid, boy or girl, won't turn down the offer to help bake if it means they get a warm cookie or gooey brownie at the end. Check out these great suggestions for recipes to bake with kids.
  2. Play outside. Get the kids suited up in their snow gear and send them outside! It's a miracle how long kids can keep themselves entertained in the snow by throwing snowballs, sledding or building a snowman. If your kids are feeling ambitious, they can even try something like this. Top off the outing with some hot chocolate once everyone is worn out.
  3. Have a movie marathon. What's better on a cold day than curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and watching movies together? Not much! If you have a Netflix account, you'll have an endless supply of movies to keep the kids and yourself entertained all day. Check out this list of the best kids' movies on Netflix. (Note that Netflix is constantly updating its library. So, if some of these movies are no longer listed on Netflix, that means they've just made room for new movies!)
  4. Have a game day. Encourage the kids to have video game tournament. Or break out some old board games and partake in the fun with them. If you have some really little ones, you can invent games to make your own version of the Olympics. (Think the "Office Olympics" episode of The Office). Competitive kids will have a blast with this!
  5. Get crafty. Scour Pinterest and find some crafts to do with the kids or check out a few of our own DIY projects. For example, you can try some melted crayon art with them. If you're a grandparent watching your grandkids for the day, have them make something to bring home as a surprise to their parents!