DIY: How to Organize Your Home

how to organize your home  (1)

How many times have you looked around your house and wondered how it got so messy and unorganized? I know I'm guilty. Or maybe you're just looking for a change. As it turns out, there are an infinite amount of small yet significant creative ways to get your house to look brand new.

  1. Use a magazine rod to store pot lids. You can easily attach one on the inside of a cabinet door. That way, you will be able to neatly stack pots inside each other. This will open up a ton more cabinet space.
  2. Use hangers to find out what clothes you actually wear. Rehang your clothes so every hanger is facing backward. Once you remove an outfit to wear, be sure to hang it back up the right way. In about a year, check to see if you still have any clothes hanging backward. You obviously don't wear these outfits and can give them away.
  3. Store hair appliances in PCV pipe attached to a cabinet door. It never fails - every time I pull out my hair straightener or blow dryer, they are tangled in a mess of cords. This trick will completely eliminate that problem.
  4. Organize your junk drawer with Altoid tins. No more digging around for paper clips or rubber bands! Collect enough tins and label the contents, and your junk drawer will be the most organized drawer in the house.
  5. Display your jewelry on a bulletin board. This is something my mom suggested I do when I went to college, and it's been a lifesaver ever since. Grab one push pin per necklace and tack them up on the bulletin board - no more tangled necklaces!

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