How to Pack for a Short Cruise

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By Sharon Goodhart, Guest Contributor

I used to feel overwhelmed when faced with the daunting task of packing for a cruise.

Up until quite recently, formal attire was required on many cruise lines and... I loved it! There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing a man dressed impeccably in a tuxedo.  I'll confess that my husband looked quite dashing. I, too, loved to dress in gowns, feeling quite glamorous and sophisticated. However, the consensus seems to be that most people prefer to dress in Casual/Smart evening attire and it does make packing easier, particularly if you are traveling on a short cruise.

Over the years, I have a developed a “cruise wardrobe.” I look for clothes that do not crease, require very little maintenance, and can be rolled instead of folded. Working with a color scheme also avoids taking too many accessories like handbags, shoes and jewelry. A few statement bathing suits for the warm weather locations accessorized with lightweight, colorful cover-ups are cornerstones and should be picked wisely. 


Pashminas and cardigans are a must have and also work wonderfully to keep you warm on long flights. The timeless Little Black Dress can take you everywhere, while a sun dress can double as a day dress for excursions, and evening attire. It's all about the way you accessorize it.

Always carry a change of clothes, your medicines, makeup, and must haves in your carry on, in case your luggage gets lost or delayed. 

I keep a travel bag filled and ready for quick departures. Keep your passport, driver’s license, medical insurance cards, and credit cards in your handbag. I also make a copy of all cards, plus a color copy of my passport, and keep it in my carry-on. 

A Tide-to-Go stick is an excellent and easy way to remove stains. And, of course, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Most of all, enjoy. How blessed are we to have these opportunities!?

Bon voyage!

About Sharon:

Sharon Goodhart, wife and mother, former Foreign Language and Etiquette teacher, who resided in Hawaii for thirty years, traveled the world extensively before starting her boutique travel agency. Many years later, now in south Florida, Sharon’s agency is more successful than ever, thanks to her guests’ word-of-mouth.

Over the last ten years, Sharon has been focusing her efforts on raising money for the Pap Corps, Champions for Cancer Research, funding Sylvester’s Comprehensive Cancer Centers, in South Florida. She runs numerous PAP cruises in order to help fund cancer research. Such cruises allow her to give meaningful donations to help find a cure. South Florida women and men have indeed donated more than $50 million through PAP, a cause dear to Sharon’s heart.