How to Pick the Right Paint For Your Home


By Sue Pitchforth. For most homeowners, selecting paint colors is one of the most challenging dilemmas they will face when decorating their home. Most of us have a hard time visualizing how a small color chip translates onto the walls.

Paint is the least expensive way to update and refresh your home so don’t be afraid! I am here to guide you.

These five tips will take your stress away and help you select colors that will enliven your home with personality and energy:

  1. Do your homework. Gather color cards, paint chips, magazine photos and inspiration for colors from Now you can begin your color journey. Never select your color in the store! Always take your color swatches home with you and select the color in the room.
  2. Evaluate the natural light. Open the blinds, curtains and let in the natural light. Colors change as the light in the room changes. This will help you select the right color the first time.
  3. Identify your inspiration. What is your inspiration for the wall color? Are you pulling a color from a piece of artwork, fabric, brickwork or your favorite color? You need a starting point in the room to draw your wall color out.
  4. Collect colors and compare to #3. Begin pulling colors that speak to you and see how they work with your inspirational piece. Always be sure to look at the color as it will appear on the wall – do not look straight down on it. Keep it vertical because that is the way you see the color on the wall. I like to have five or six color choices to work from.
  5. Narrow your selections to two or three colors. It’s easier to make your final decision with only a few to select from. Tape the color swatches on the walls together, stand back. Which ones speak to you? Remove the one(s) that you aren’t keen on. Move the colors around the room and see how they look on each wall. The color will appear to change as the amount of light changes. At this point, you will find one of the colors really looks the best and voila! You did it!

You now have your new color and all that is left is to purchase the paint and begin transforming your room!