How to Prepare for a Snow Storm


By Brynne Ramella. Here in Chicago, we just experienced what has referred to as a record-breaking snowfall. I'll say. I spent about 20 minutes in a failed attempt to dig out my car, and I'm still sore. The snow was so high and dense that my dogs could barely maneuver through it to do their business outside. I realized that if I could barely handle digging out my car and a path for my dogs, what would I have done if the snow was even worse? It sounds like our snow storm has already made its way to the East Coast. This just goes to show that those of us "lucky" enough to live in snowy areas need to be prepared for anything during the winter.

  1. Keep your house warm. A large enough snow storm can knock out your heat or power. This sounds like the beginning to a frightening, end-of-the-world movie, so don't let that happen to you. One important way to keep your house warm is to keep all of your faucets dripping so your pipes don't freeze. And make sure to dress in layers! And thinking about picking up this nifty item.
  2. Winterize your car. Luckily, I didn't have anywhere to go when we got pummeled with snow. Most people aren't that lucky. So, if you have to drive during a snow storm, make sure your car is prepared. Check out this great list to make sure that your car is ready for anything this winter.
  3. Invest in snow removal supplies. Anyone who lives in the cold knows that salt is your best friend during the winter. While it doesn't melt the snow like salt does, sand can be used to help traction on particularly snowy and icy patches. Be sure you have appropriate snow boats and shovels as well.
  4. Stock up on the essentials. If the storm is bad enough, you may not be going anywhere for a few days. As I write this, I haven't left my house in two days. Make sure you have plenty of food in your house. Canned food, granola bars and oatmeals are some great things to have on hand. And if you have any pets, make sure they have all of their essentials, too!

Good luck and stay warm to everyone dealing with the snow!