SPONSORED: Keeping Memories Alive

By Susan "Honey" Good

Let's be honest, dear readers, despite its many benefits technology can be a... challenge. 

I often write about my Mac and the many texts I send to my Grands with my trusty iPhone, and yet, for every blessing of technology, there seems to be an equal or greater frustration. Who's with me?

Thankfully, I live on the sunny side of the street, otherwise that computer of mine, on some days, might get chucked out the window. Do you know the feeling?

And then there is my iPhone which, of course, I adore. But, the passwords, the apps, the updates, the times I suddenly have to verify my identity... it's infuriating at times.

My phone, however, holds many of my most precious memories… pictures! Remember a time when we had shoeboxes full of pictures? Or, the most organized amongst us had those pictures carefully catalogued in photo albums. I bet many of us never got around to that!

And now, those precious pictures are housed on my phone – – that mystery of technology – – which used to make me nervous until I discovered photoandgo®express, and easy and affordable service that allows you to free those photos trapped on your phone!

These are called Ultra GoPrints, images from your phone, email. desktop etc. are printed  directly onto a heavy weight, multi-layered board that is ultra-thick, nearly unbendable and finished with a perfect satin matte. Get these for $1 per print here.

Like a light-filled atrium, the Atrium Acrylic immerses your photo with a unique quality that appears to radiate light through your image. A full, 1-inch thick block of gallery acrylic is the front drop of your vivid photo. Atrium Acrylics are perfect for your desk, console tables and display shelves; $30 at photoandgo®express

Gorgeous colors, instant flexibility, magnetic properties - a frame like no other. Magneto FlipFrames are amazingly flexible, dazzlingly durable, and just as beautiful. Created from a key color saturated, premium plastic with a vinyl-like matte finish, you can continually swap photos anytime, anywhere. You can tell us what text you'd like to print on the photos too! Our Ultra GoPrints fit perfectly in Magneto FlipFrames. Get them for $11 each at photoandgo®express

Best of all, there is an easy way to order... simply send a picture to honeygood@myphotoandgo.com and within just a few minutes, you will automatically get an email back showing your picture on everything from a simple print to a wood frame and beyond. All you have to do, dear readers, is email a photo….nothing else! No subject line, no message, nothing... just send a picture and -- in just minutes-- you too can save your photo memories from your phone or computer or social media account! 

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated with sample products and a sales commission for promoting my honest opinion of photoandgo®express