How to Stay Entertained During the Super Bowl


By Brynne Ramella. The Patriots and the Seahawks face off in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Who cares, right? Well, actually...a lot of people. So you can either suck it up and pretend to enjoy the game. Or, you can try to make things a little more enjoyable for yourself.

  1. Play Super Bowl Bingo. Before the party, create enough Bingo cards for each of your friends attending the party. Fill the cards out with categories relevant to the game, like what phrases the commentators will use the most during the game or if you're lazy, just print out a few here. Hand out a prize to the first person who gets a Bingo!
  2. Catch up on social media. Make sure your phone is charged up and you'll be good to go for the whole game! Revisit your Pinterest boards or try checking out some new blogs if you find yourself zoning out during the game. We like Hello Giggles and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls!
  3. Hide the Remote.  Okay, if you are feeling especially diabolical and want to test how sneaky you are, try this fun game. First, make sure you are positioned near the remote. If you have a moment during the commercials where no one is looking at the screen, slyly change the channel. Then, find a place to stash the remote, perhaps shoved down in the couch cushions. Once your friends realize that the TV's on the wrong channel, watch the chaos ensue. I mean, your friends have to understand that you deserve to have a little fun too, right?
  4. Take a "prop bet." Most people bet on the outcome of the game, but get creative! Take bets on other aspects of the game. For example, what special guests do you think half time performer Katy Perry will bring out for her set? Have fun with it!
  5. Keep tally of the commercials. If you prefer the commercials to the game, this game is perfect for you! Have everyone create a tally of what kind of commercials will pop up during the game. For example, how many beer-related commercials do you think the game will have? Or, how many commercials will have a celebrity cameo? Award a prize to whoever's predictions are the closest!

See? You can actually have fun even when football's involved! If you're not a football fan, let us know how you plan on staying entertained during the Super Bowl!