How to style a bar cart.

By: The Honey Good Editorial Team

Hello my honeybees! Let's toast to the weekend! And what's a weekend without a fancy dinner party? Personally, I adore entertaining for our fabulous friends in an intimate environment where we can actually hear ourselves talk. My favorite place to do so? Our home, of course! 

Today I'm sharing some delicious bar cart inspiration and a few tips I've learned along the way. One must always be ready to pour a good, stiff drink as well as a classic cocktail. Don't forget the fancy glassware!

First off, scour your flea markets for a gorgeous, vintage bar cart. The more vintage it is, the better! I love a good deal and my preference is a beautiful bronze or gold bar cart with interesting details in the handles or wheels. Don't be deterred by a little patina, you're household cleaners will have it looking brand new in a jiffy.

And, if you don't have enough space for a cart...fancy up your favorite tray. Exhibit A below.

Styling a bar cart really comes down to the details. Here's what you'll need:

  1. Vintage glassware. They don't have to match, either! Make sure you have lowball glasses, coupe glassware and highball glasses for an assortment of cocktail requests.
  2. Sipping straws. Target, Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry striped and polka dot straws in a variety of colors. I stock up so that I can host at a moment's notice.
  3. Fresh flowers. I buy a fresh bouquet every weekend that I can place in a pretty juice glass or mason jar. You're creating a vignette or focal point in the room your entertaining your guests. Peonies are my favorite and they smell so darn good! 
  4. Stock up on the basics. You need the essentials to make any basic cocktail which includes vodka, a good bottle of bubbles, gin, rum, St. Germain, tequila, bourbon, Chambord and vermouth.
  5. Necessary mixers. Make sure to have tonic and soda waters, OJ and an assortment of diet sodas, lemonades and juices. And don't forget your garnishes: olives, lemons, limes, orange slices, cherries, edible flowers and cinnamon sticks for winter cocktails. Mmmmm! 
  6. Pretty bottles. Begin a collection of gorgeous bottles that you can repurpose for your mixers. No one likes to see a plastic liter bottle sitting out! Save your Pellegrino bottles and purchase pretty labels for your mixers. Elegant and super chic!
  7. Bar accessories. Darling toothpicks, whimsical cocktail napkins and coasters, a smart bar tool set all contribute to a well-armed bar cart. 

Now all you need my darlings, is a great cocktail book so that you can master some of my favorites including a good Dirty Martini for Friday nights! Chin-chin and salud!

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