How to Survive: Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

By: Honey Good

I can’t believe I am the owner of a viable internet company. When I started I had no knowledge of the Internet; I had not studied business or creative writing in college. Three years later I have great knowledge of the Internet; I am a creative writer and I am learning the tools of business. Not bad for a grandmother with twenty grandchildren!

Let’s talk about the passage you are going though right now in your lives. Many of you have given your children their wings (hopefully they have flown the nest!) and you are no longer involved in careers.

I imagine that more than half the women would express their days and evenings in this manner: “I keep busy with my grandchildren, play cards and a sport, work out, lunch, shop, travel, and volunteer. My husband (partner) watches TV detective shows, his investments, plays cards or golf, and reads. Our evenings are spent having dinner with friends discussing bad knees and hips, plastic surgery and fillers, Netflix, or “we’re taking a trip to Cuba. Have you gone?” Or perhaps discussing the movies you have recently seen or the Opera/Symphony. 

Am I pretty spot on?

I am not tearing down your blessed lives as you enter this passage. What I am saying is: “If you are feeling restless; not content, then find a purpose for yourself at this stage of your life! You have nothing but time!”

That is the situation I found myself in. I knew how to play cards, I was a golfer, I had and still need my girlfriends, I have a devoted husband, a family and pooch, and I have a beautiful life. No, I am not spoiled. I am so truly appreciative for everything in my life. That does not mean I cannot have ‘my thing.’ And it should not stop you from finding whatever makes your heart sing.

Choose something you know you want to do and have yearned to do.

Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Plant a garden next spring
  • Learn photography
  • Finish college
  • Write a blog
  • Needlepoint a carpet or dining room chairs.
  • Start a business


I listened to a woman I met for the first time in my life! I told her I was looking for a new purpose at this stage of my life. She looked at me and said, “I am a writer. Keep a journal for three months and you will find your voice; a new purpose.”

I kept a journal even though I had no writing experience. I did not miss a day. At the end of three months I truly realized I had experienced so much in life that I wanted to articulate my message to women my age and quite frankly, to women of all ages.

And, so was born and my purpose has become my passion.

I still play cards and lunch with my girlfriends. I workout and shop and of course I spend time with my husband, family and pooch. I travel the world with my husband and take my iPad and MacBook Air so I can continue to record my thoughts on our trips.

I am so busy and dizzy going through this passage of my life. Please join me….get busy and dizzy with a joyful new purpose. Start journaling as I did. It works! 

Photography by Hallie Duesenberg

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Finding Your Purpose