How to Survive: How to Get Un-Stuck

By: Honey Good

We can get stuck because of overwhelming obligations, sadness and depression, the routine of life where we are on automatic pilot; a lack of inspiration or a soured relationship. Oh, there are so many reasons! For today please establish why you are stuck and then let’s make a plan to get un-stuck by dwelling on the positive, darlings.

Being stuck can be a positive! So listen to your inner self and realize this can be a time for a transformation to occur. Your mind, your spiritual side, is telling you that a change is needed in you life. I can promise you that a miracle won’t fall out of the sky but I can also promise you that you will grow and expand, darlings. Remember, you are the engine that must drive your train.

Here are a few reasons you may be stuck:

  • It could be a change of heart.
  • It could be your priorities.
  • It could be your perspective on life.
  • It could be the realization that what worked before…is not working now.

I really suggest keeping a journal. Jot down each day whatever comes to your mind. You may be very surprised when you complete this task.

Or maybe you may want to:

  • Allow yourself to enjoy new experiences
  • Put your past behind you
  • Change a relationship or several relationships…just hit that delete key!
  • Restructure your priorities
  • Allow yourself to have more fun.
  • Take a class.
  • Travel.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy new experiences.
  • Spend more time with your family.

Ultimately you must seek your own answers. I do hope I have given you the desire to push yourself and forge ahead in order to get unstuck. I know if you reach for ‘your stars’ you will breathe a sigh of relief and feel a breath of fresh air pass over you, darlings. 

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