SURVIVE: Luck + Serendipity

By Susan "Honey" Good

Change is in the air. We, stylish women over fifty, have entered a new passage in our lives. We are free as a breeze to concentrate on our desires.   

Many of us are empty nesters. Many have retired from careers. Many of us want a new career. Many decide to down size, sell our homes and move to places with pleasant weather. Many of us are widowed or divorced and looking for a new partner. Many of us are free to cruise, fly or drive to see America and the world. Some of us may choose to finish a college degree that was previously put on hold. And so many women over fifty are restless and wonder, “What can be next on my horizon?”

I know that we want to remain visible women.  So let’s throw invisibility out the door. My motto is: Stay relevant. Open new doors and explore adventure.

You can seek new purpose and passion the conservative way, or you can discover a rewarding new passage via serendipity.

What is serendipity? It is the occurrence and development of an event by chance and good fortune that ends in a happy or beneficial manner, “I had a fortunate stroke of serendipity.”

No one can have the full serendipity experience without first being ‘aware’ of the opportunity of good luck. Then and only then can you prepare yourself to meet the challenge of bringing your good fortune full- circle.

You can put serendipity to work for you. Some of you have this natural ability to make connections with other people. I have this natural ability. I know from personal experience that harnessing serendipity can open up doors to exhilarating new opportunities.

It’s hard to explain what jolts and captures my attention to serendipity discoveries.   I can tell you I absolutely know when they are happening. I feel a spark ignite and say to myself, “that sounds interesting.  I have to look into it.” I know it is one of my ways of problem solving and definitely not your classic problem solving approach. I am convinced that people who experience serendipity have curious and creative minds. What I find thought provoking… if serendipity (good luck) leads to nowhere, I don’t get upset. I move on a bit wiser with the ‘absolute’ knowledge it will reappear. It is somewhat mystical.

Here are a few ways you can embrace opportunities for serendipity:

Be aware: Serendipity can become your reality. For example:  If you are planning a trip and over hear a friend you respect say, “Our travel agent did a superb job.” think to yourself: this is serendipity (my good fortune.) I will ask for the agent’s name and number.

Step out of your comfort zone.  I know this personal feeling of power. Many of my life successes started with something a ‘little left field.’

Socialize: Benefit in other’s thoughts and share yours. Listen and be interested.

Diversity: Spend time with people dissimilar to yourself. This is a primary way to advance and move forward.

Dream.  At our ages we have identified things we want to happen. See your serendipity as ‘your dream come true’ moment. Leap at it. Don’t let it slip by.

Talk to others about your dreams. Share. Conversations lead to opportunity. People have helped me. I have helped others.

Put on your purpose and passion hat. We all wear many hats. Add the purpose and passion hat.


I was looking forward to a delicious dinner and lively conversation at Milos Restaurant in Montreal. Susan and Noberto, close friends from New York, were traveling partners and we were the perfect traveling group.  

The dinner conversation was lively. We were lighthearted and happy. Out of the blue I had a serendipity moment.

Noberto said, “Honey Good you need a manager. A promoter."

I sat stunned, reeling in his words, smiled and what two things came to my mind: Serendipity and I will make it happen.

I said, “Oh! You think so, and who might that manager and promoter be?”

I was shocked when he knew a manager. I looked to Susan, a very grounded and astute businesswoman, for approval.

She said, “He’s great. I will call him. If he is interested in, you have a winner.”

The next day over breakfast her first words to me were, “I talked to Bill. He is very interested, already has ideas and wants to know when he can speak to you.”

 I sat down and penned an email to Bill. Within one hour he called. He is sending me a proposal.  I will keep you posted.

As I stated, “The key to having occurrences of serendipity is being open minded and ‘aware.’ If you go through life with tunnel vision you will miss worthwhile opportunities. On the one hand I think of serendipity as my good fortune. On the other hand I know it is my preparation meeting opportunity.”

It has been very difficult for me to translate serendipity because it is an emotional skill that comes over me and I take it to the heights.

Did you know the word has been voted one of the most popular words in the English language?

Serendipity has brought us Aspirin, insulin, the Pill, Teflon, Ivory Soap, Scotchgard, penicillin, the Post-It note, and even, Viagra.

So, my darlings, watch for your serendipity to appear.  Then, grab hold and make your dreams come true.