How to Survive: Organized Makeup, Organized Life

By: Honey Good

Out of sight, out of mind.

When it comes to organizing my makeup, and keeping it close at hand so that I can get ready quickly when needed, out of sight drives me out of my mind. 

I start each day with my makeup routine, as I know so many of you do, and keeping my cosmetics organized is a must. Here's what I've learned and what you must know about safely storing, organizing and traveling with cosmetics and toiletries.  

The takeaway: Visibility is most important

Last night as I was putting on my make-up for a festive party, I easily reached for my eye shadow; then my mascara and liner. All of my make-up was beautifully stored and visible right in front of me. I did not have to plow through my drawer or look into a cabinet. As an experienced woman over fifty I have developed my personal make-up storage style for home and travel.  It wasn't always so, darlings. There was a time that my cosmetics were cluttered and disorganized. This is what happened to me when I could not see my make-up in front of me. 

  1. I would lose a little portion of my sanity!
  2. I had to toss products because they were past their shelf lives. For example, I learned that mascara’s life is but three months.
  3. I was a happy make-up junky; therefore, I had an over abundance of products many times caused by duplication because I could not see what I owned!

The tools: Learn to love Lucite

I solved my problem quite by accident. Several years ago, I went to a swap meet. I stopped at a stall that had clear plastic products resembling Lucite. I love Lucite! The vendor sold clear chests with separate drawers. A light bulb went off…visual storage for my make-up. They were very pretty (I like pretty!) and had enough drawers in different sizes.

The key to my success was that I was able to create a dedicated visual space to store and organize my makeup in categories that I could see! That’s the trick, darlings. And the chests look beautiful on my bathroom counter.  Just as marvelous as a display at the Chanel counter.

The travel solution: Portable, see through bags and magnifying mirrors, of course!

Traveling was another issue. Traveling with make-up had to be stress free, especially since I travel often.

I pack my makeup in a see-through hanging lingerie bag. Everything visible, darlings. The products that do not fit into my lingerie tote, I pack in Ziploc bags. When I get to the hotel I tie the cord at the top of the tote and hang it over the bathroom mirror so I can see my products. But, I prefer to sit while putting on my face, so, I travel with a magnifying mirror. (We don't even have to discuss why this is essential, do we?) I put the magnifying mirror on the desk in our hotel room next to a drinking glass filled with all my make-up pencils, mascaras and lipsticks visible. The bottles and jars slide into a desk drawer. Voila! Just like at home!

I'd love to hear about how you keep your makeup organized! And, I hope my tips help you... I truly love to share. Share back with me via Tweet, Facebook, Pin or in the comments section below.

P.S. Do something GOOD today… go to a swap meet with your daughter or girlfriend. You never know what you might find!

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