How to Survive: The Rest of Your Life

By: Honey Good

Have you ever noticed that sometimes others see the strength in you better than you see it yourself? 

My girlfriend's husband stopped me the other day and said, rather unexpectedly, "My wife reads your blogs and thinks you are so smart.”

I smiled and said "thank you" as my heart skipped a beat because I am a writer, I am a wife, I am an entrepreneur, I am a mother and so much more. I am chasing my dreams...owning in my sixties!

On the drive home with Shelly, I thought about what this man had said as my favorite French singer, Edith Piaf, echoed softly in the background. Was there a meaningful message in his statement that I could pass onto you? Sitting quietly, I lived into my answer!

I began to think back over the passages of my own life.

One of my goals when I was raising my daughters was to prepare them to be independent, competent, and enthusiastic women who would have the ability to glide into meaningful young adult lives. My prayers were answered but as they ventured out a part of me was lost. My mothering days with children at home were over! Now what? What would I do with the rest of my life as an ‘empty nester?’ I toiled with this for several years as I added new titles to my resume of mother, widow, wife, daughter, sister, beloved Grandmother, volunteer and girlfriend. Then came, golfer, card player, world traveler, etc.

As we live into our passage of ‘independent nesters’ we have fabulous choices at our fingertips, darlings.

Let’s first realize the facts:

Our younger self is gone! We have made choices that are now irreversible. Some of us have marriages that are sputtering along, careers that are over, friendships that could not be maintained, reflective time on our hands where we ask ourselves, "What did we do right?" and even "Where did we fail?" We face our own mortality! So realize all of this, dear darlings, and then move on.

You have so many opportunities at your fingertips now that you have time. This passage of your life should be your best! There is something very beneficial about living part of your life as an independent woman, never leaving your husband or significant other out of the equation.

Yes, I am smart and this is why...I made the choice to live my life to its fullest as a married yet independent, competent and enthusiastic woman, just as I hope I have taught my daughters.

So can you! Mirror me, darlings. Expand your horizons! You have the time. Push yourself to do things you have always wanted to do. Plant a garden. Learn to needlepoint. Venture out and see the world. Tighten your friendships. Spend alone time with your husband or significant other. Take a course at a University.  

This is no time to spend your life bored, moping or complaining! The fact of the matter is: You are a wiser version of the woman you were! Acknowledge all your opportunities and you will survive. 

And just in case you do not see the strength in you, I do. Not only will you survive the rest of your life, you will chase your dreams and you will thrive. 

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