How to Throw a Great Oscars Party


By: Jordan Elizabeth

Whether you the love movies, the fashion, or just want to see if Leonardo DiCaprio shaved off that disgusting’s time to get excited about the Oscars. Personally, I watch for all three reasons and take the night very seriously (please keep the talking to a minimum, and I’ll be live-tweeting). I guess people like to say stuff like “the Oscars are my Super Bowl,” which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense besides the fact that it’s once a year. But I’ll give you this: like the Super Bowl, the Oscars are more fun to watch at a party. So if you’re planning on hosting, here are five steps to an awesome Oscars party:

  1. Invite the Right People. Like any Hollywood party, there’s an A-list. Tonight is no exception. You should think about what kind of party you want to have - is it not really watching, mainly eating and drinking? Is it watching intently and only talking during commercial breaks? Or maybe it's kind of watching but also playing a drinking game that whenever someone says “I didn’t even write a speech!” you take a drink of your bodega champagne. Invite whoever will play along. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to watch Anne Hathaway pretend she has a humble bone in her body while people are yapping about how you can see her nipples.
  2. Get Theme’d. Providing themed food items are fun, and also show off to your friends how devastatingly clever you are. (Or if you aren’t clever, make it a potluck and let everyone struggle to think of a cool dish). And for movie nerds like me, it’s also a fun way to look back at all the movies and spur thought-provoking film conversation. Some ideas for this year:- Birdman - Chicken Wings! - Grand Budapest Hotel - Courtesan au Chocolat! Or if you’re not a pastry chef, buy colorful Macarons or bake cupcakes. - Whiplash - Sushi...because chopsticks look like drumsticks. Or buy these chopsticks that are drumsticks! - Gone Girl - Chicken Frito Pie or Olives. (“Just one olive” is actually from the book, but whatever, that dish says “I read, too, bitches!”) - Into the Woods - (Magic) Bean dip. Get it!? - Wild - Beef Jerky and Snapple - Boyhood - Magic Mushrooms. Kidding. Unless it’s that kinda party.


    And if you are going to a party and forget to bring something, you can say your treat was in honor of Still Alice. Too soon?

  3. Decide Your Dress Code. It’s fun to have guests come in their “Oscar” gowns. You can also buy a cheap red area rug from Target and make that your red carpet for photo ops (because if it’s not on Instagram, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN). Or if you don’t want to sit in your Sunday best for six hours, keep it casual and let your guests know that unbuttoned jeans and hoodies are not only allowed, but it’s what you’ve been wearing all day and you aren’t planning on changing.
  4.  Print Out Ballots. Nothing says "party" like a competition. Have your guests fill out their predicted winners, then swap ballots and score during the show. Make it interesting and everyone throw in $5, winner takes all. And don't be too upset that you lost by one point because the documentary about the man who paints with his toes beat the one about the Somali teenagers who make clay bowls for water. (You didn't see either of them, but they were both captivating). The added benefit to playing along is that people pay attention to the show, even as they announce the winners for sound editing and sound mixing).
  5. Provide Gift Bags. Just like the Academy! Okay, so yours won’t include a luxury train ride through the Canadian rockies or one year of Audi A4 car rentals valued at $20,000, but it’s the thought that counts! You can include things like trial sized beauty products from Walgreens, EOS chapstick (everyone loves ’em, even though it’s like trying to keep a ping pong ball in the pocket of your jeans), gummy bears, and old DVDs you don’t watch anymore and were going to get rid of anyways, like Vanilla Sky and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Even if your gift bags are cheap and silly, it’s a fun thing to do for your guests and something to remember. I just hope they brought you a bottle of wine or at least a 6-pack of beer.

And it’s as cheap and easy as that!  And everyone loves something (someone) who’s cheap and easy. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio! Just kidding, his models probably aren’t cheap.


Jordan Elizabeth is a comedian, TV Writer/Producer, collector of hobbies, and master of putting off adulthood. She can be heard on the Podcast "3 Dudes and a Broad" and performs stand-up comedy with "Girls Gone Funny." She lives in Manhattan with her fiance and two dogs. Read more about her life at Jordie Elizabeth and follow her on Twitter at@JordiElizabeth.


Jordan Elizabeth

Jordan Elizabeth is a comedian, TV Writer/Producer, collector of hobbies, and master of putting off adulthood. You can find her behind the scenes of "Watch What Happens Live and hear her on the Podcast "3 Dudes and a Broad." She lives in Manhattan with her fiance and two dogs, Brooklyn and Carmelo Anthony. Read more about her life at and follow her on Twitter at @jordielizabeth.