Increase Your Productivity at Work


We all have those moments at work where completing the simplest task seems like the hardest thing in the world. Follow these simple tips, and you'll be able to knock out projects at work left and right.

  1. Understand your body's internal clock. Knock out your most challenging tasks when you have the most energy. Pay attention to if you're a morning person or you get a burst of energy in the afternoon. And going by that logic, complete your more routine tasks when you're in a bit of an energy dip.
  2. Stay organized. Don't try to accomplish multiple tasks at once. You'll be overwhelmed. Every Monday, write out a list of every task you need to complete by Friday. Rank them from highest to lowest priority. Go task by task down the list.
  3. Take breaks. Your brain needs a break every now and then. Step away from your desk to get a cup of coffee, or take a walk to the furthest bathroom on the floor. You'll come back feeling so refreshed if you take 10 minute breaks every couple of hours.
  4. Make routine work fun. If there's a daily task that you dread doing, find a way to enjoy that work. Maybe listen to a new CD while you complete that task. It'll be a great motivation to see that task through.
  5. Create a to-do list. Find yourself feeling sluggish? Create a to-do list with low-intensity tasks. Completing these simple tasks will give you a break from the more challenging projects, while still keeping the juices flowing.
  6. Analyze your procrastination. If you find yourself procrastinating from a certain task, ask yourself why. Maybe your ideas aren't fully formed, therefore you are not ready to complete this task yet. This strategy will help you reevaluate the way you are handling this task, which will allow you to complete it in a more efficient way.

Not only are these tips useful in the workplace, but they can transfer to any sort of task!