Just-Eat-Your-!@#$!-Dinner Kale Chips

By: Sheilah Kaufman

Not all recipes are for eating, some are for teaching, others for learning.

Writing with humor and truth, critically acclaimed author Rebecca Barry reflects on motherhood, work, and marriage in her new memoir about trying to build a creative life, and included some wonderful life recipes in her book Recipes for a Beautiful Life: Memoir in Stories by Rebecca Barry (Simon & Schuster).

She also blends heart-warming, funny, authentically told stories about the messiness of family life, a fearless examination of the anxieties of creative work, and sharp-eyed observations on the pressures that all woman face, and her deepest fear: "What if I'm a terrible mother? What if I'm not good at the work I love? What if my children never eat anything but peanut butter and cake?" 

Maybe I will eat some dark bitter sweet chocolate while I read and study! I am quoting this recipe word for word from her book...


Take about 10 to 15 leaves of kale and cut them into two-to-three-inch pieces.

De-stem them first, which she does by cutting lengthwise along the stem.  

Put the kale pieces in a cake pan or a glass pie plate.  

Add a tablespoon or two of grape-seed oil.  You can actually run it into the kale if you like; my aunt said a friend of hers told her that you were suppose to massage kale before you eat it. "Massage it?" her aunt said. "I don't want anything to do with it! I hate kale."  Obviously,  this recipe is not for her.

Add coarse salt-- I use Himalayan, but this is why we have no money. Kosher salt works just as well if you don't want to be all precious about it.  Mix it all together with your hands and put the kale in a 360°F for about 8 minutes or until they're crispy. 

When you put them in front of your children and they start to cry, tell them that they need to eat greens so their white blood cells have enough energy to fight viruses, and go make yourself an Angry Mommy Tea (page 162)."

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