Largest Organ in the World


By: Honey Good

The largest organ in the world is in a breath-taking church, St. Stephens zu Passau in Europe. Here is a short history of the town and this very special organ.

The church sits in the little the town of Passau, Germany. During the 17th century the Bishop enlisted the great architects of Florence and Rome to rebuild Passau earning it the title, during that period, “the Venice of Bavaria.”

I was struck by the elegant architecture and the Italian influence and could tell that at one time Passau was a very wealthy city. The reason for the cities wealth was salt. A city on the salt route could charge fees for docking, storage, distribution and passage. From these tolls and fees great influence ensued.

Because of the influence of the town Passau became attractive to the Catholic Church, both politically and militarily. And thus, St. Stephan Church was built.

I have been in hundreds of churches on my travels and St Stephan’s stands among the best of them in beauty, size and the sound of its organ.

My husband and I choose to attend an organ concert at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The organ has 17,000 pipes and was built in 1928. One of the unique features is the concept of five separate organs, each with its own sound character. Simply beautiful.