Life and Health Tips from Honey Good


This is a truism. As we reach a certain age, we become more aware of an important aspect of our destiny: our physical and emotional well-being!  As young women, it was not on the front burner of our lives.  Now it is and if it isn’t, it should be. We want to stay ahead of the game. To live! To laugh! To love! We are wise for our families. We must be wise for ourselves! I came across some pointers that I would like to share with you. They are wonderful truisms. But, they will only be as good as the discipline we grandmothers put into them.

Before I mention the pointers, we should also start to incorporate discipline on a more regular basis, even though it's not easy to enforce.


  1. Family First. Spending time with your family can add up to six years to your life. That is not a discipline. That is a pleasure.
  2. Wine at 5 pm. Drinkers live longer than non-drinkers. That means ONE drink!
  3. Know your purpose. Reflect on yourself. Value yourself. Recognize your strengths. Take time to reflect on them and act. Purposes change as we change. Look for a new one if you are dissatisfied.
  4. People need people. Those of us that have social connections usually live longer.
  5. Eat healthy and exercise. Lots of green vegetables and small portions of meat.
  6. Rest. Find time to reflect each day with meditation or rest. That will relieve stress. I know that is hard for us grammas because we are the caregivers and multi-taskers of society. Just 20 minutes a day adds to our lives.
  7. Laugh. Laughing is one of the best recipes for living a long life.

Let’s begin right now! Laugh out loud. Meditate and give thanks. Take a walk. Enjoy your purpose or search your mind for a new one. Call your children and spend the day together.