Life Changes: A Transition Flight Plan


By Lorraine Iverson.

For a long time I thought I was a thirty-something women trapped in the body of a sixty-something woman. But recently the universe has started pointing me in new directions. I have realized that I'm not trapped in a body. I'm growing in a cocoon and I'm very close to emerging.

My life has been rich with children, husbands, lots of family and dear friends. I've always been a nurturer. For a time I was a true "earth mother" living in the woods, growing my own food and having babies by the fireplace with a midwife. I've nurtured musicians and writers, following their calling and looking for the big break. I've been working for the past eight years helping my son launch his very successful business. But in the last few months I've experienced this restlessness and, through some synchronistic events, I now realize it is finally ME TIME!

Luckily, I am blessed with a husband that is not threatened by his wife quitting her job and going in search of her own muse. He supports me 100% -- as long as I don't leave him alone for too long at any one time. I have found the only people who have not been supportive are the ones who are struggling with direction in their own lives because they are afraid to let go of the security blanket.

Going inside myself, in meditation and visioning, the number one thing I needed to release was my belief in "lack." That ever-present whispering that most of us have, that there isn't enough. But I've found that every time I have ignored that voice and jumped, there was always enough and usually more.

That money hoarded for "old age" or “rainy days" will still be in the bank when we leave the planet if we don't use it. I've never been to Spain and I've always wanted to go. When I finally decide that I can afford to spend that money, I'll be 87. How much fun is that going to be - Spain on a walker?

Writing for Honey Good has ignited an old flame in me. I love to write. I want to do it more. I have an art studio in my garage with every art supply you could ask for. But I get out there about an hour a week if I'm lucky.

As the saying goes: No one ever looks back on their life and says, "I should have worked more." So this butterfly is going to launch while her wings are still flight worthy.

Are you hearing the distant call of the wild? Is that novel percolating? Is it time for the next phase of your life? Here are some things I'm doing to prepare for the jump:

  • Downsizing. I don't need all the crap that I've accumulated. It's probably time to release The Whole Earth Catalog to the next generation of hippies. I have an entire cupboard full of vases I never use because my cat eats flowers and pukes. I have size 9 dresses that have come and gone out of style three times already. I will never see size 9 again. Ever. All this stuff is worth something to someone. It may finance my trip to Spain on EBay.
  • Spreading the news. I'm telling everyone my great news. I'm opening doors of opportunity. At first I was afraid to do this because I still had some "lack" mentality and I was holding on to the edge of that cliff. Now I'm so full anticipation and joy about the new adventure that I'm sharing with everyone. In doing this, new opportunities are opening for me that will add to my new journey.
  • Passing the baton. Things that I've always had to be in charge of are being given away. The job is a big one. I'm not the only person that can do Quick Books and kick ass. Someone else really wants that job now. The holidays - someone else is cooking. Organizing and hosting family events has been forwarded to the daughter-in-laws. Yippee!
  • Saying no. As soon as I said I was leaving my job, I started getting calls to head up this committee and that event. No thanks, I don't do that anymore. The new opportunities I'm open to are for me now. If you like running fundraisers - go for it. But for me that part of my life is over.
  • Budget review. Look at where you spend money and reprioritize. If that trip or life change will bring you joy and you're worried about how you can afford your new lifestyle then start doing your own gardening and housekeeping. Cut back on your QVC habit. What extravagance can you give up for freedom? What's important to you?

Going through this process, even just the preparations, has given me a feeling of lightness and joy of anticipation that I haven't felt since I was a child. I'm free to fly and I'm not worried about where I land. I can't wait to see what's next. I'll send you post cards.