A Life Lesson from The Dalai Lama


Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.- Dalai Lama

I was put into an uncomfortable situation the other day and I thought of some of the Dalai Lama’s quotes. He can sum up some of the greatest life messages in one sentence. Brilliant.

I was studying for my Bat Mitzvah. On my first meeting with the Rabbi he asked me, “What does holiness mean to you?” I did not have an answer, at that moment, and yet the question was so thought provoking I wrote my speech on: What Holiness Means to Me.

During the conversation I asked him if he knew someone he thought was holy. He said, “I know people who have pieces of holiness.” I loved that answer. I decided to push my question and asked, “So you are saying that no human being is truly holy? His answer: “I met one person I feel is truly holy -- Dalai Lama. I have never forgotten this conversation.

On and off I started reading the Dalai Lama’s daily lessons. This weekend my husband and I had dinner at our friends’ and out of the blue, our friend gave me a print out of some of his quotes. What a coincidence!

We communicate all day, but it’s easy to forget that sometimes words are not always the best answer – sometimes silence is. I feel like this can also be applied to moments where people decide to talk about someone behind their back and my response (thanks to the DL) is:

I do not want to talk about her because she is not here to defend herself.

You protected yourself and the other person. Pass this on to the women in your life and maybe one by one we can stop talking behind each other’s backs and instead start having each other’s backs. Wouldn’t that be nice?

While silence is sometimes the best answer, weigh the situation and don’t be afraid to take a stand if you need to.