Losing Weight: Invest in Yourself


By Meredith Fritz. Lately, I’ve spoken with a number of clients about weight loss. It makes sense, it’s that time of year - spring break is around the corner, we are yearning to be in better shape for this summer than we were for the last, and our New Year’s resolutions are nothing but a faint memory at this point. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you today, losing weight is hard work. It takes personal sacrifice, motivation and commitment. With that being said, you have it in you to do it!

In order to get yourself to lose those 10...20...30 pounds you have to start somewhere. Lets start with letting go of the excuses that you have already given yourself. It’s easy in the heat of the moment when you are starving or tired or stressed to forego the goal you’ve been wanting for the better part of your adult life to convince yourself eating that cookie is okay or skipping your workout is no big deal. That’s where it all begins, one excuse turns into the next. The best thing you can do for yourself is to flip your mentality around. Instead of reminding yourself of what you can’t have, chant to yourself how good you will feel after you finished an entire day of eating properly and pushing yourself at the gym.

Losing weight is about taking care of yourself, making YOU the top priority in your life. That pizza is not the priority, you are! I often find myself in those weeks when I’m just tired, life has worked me hard and I don’t want to cook dinner, or stay at work to workout, or read before I go to bed. I want to order in, go straight home and watch the Kardashians - but that’s when I ask myself, won’t that small amount of effort to not cut any corners make me feel better before I complete my day?

Take some time this week to invest in yourself. Pick up a book, listen to an educational podcast, bring your lunch every day, cook dinner four out of the seven nights of the week. Get yourself closer to your goal, once you get the ball rolling - I promise you, it will feel good. You deserve to be the best version of yourself. The hard work will teach you a lot about yourself and will remind you how much are you worth. Keep chugging along, you can do it - not for me, but for yourself.