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There's nothing better than a good night's sleep to reset the mind, body and soul. Ask any mother, or grandmother, for that matter and she'll tell you! With all the responsibility and multi-tasking us women take on; it's only fair that we create a calming nest to quite the brain and drift off to sleep each night. 

Yes, we take our sleep very seriously and so should you! Not only does it have a jillion health benefits but it keeps you looking young and don't we all want that? Today we're talking luxury linens as well as some tips to help you create the perfect slumber sanctuary.

P/S We saved some of the best bedding inspiration for you, too! Sharpen your decorating pencils!

We adore anything tufted, especially headboards. This regal but feminine touch can add color and elegance to any master bedroom. Keep your linens clean and neutral while finishing off with a pop of print in your throw pillows. Doesn't this look primed for an afternoon nap?

This looks to be a wonderful example of a lake house guest room complete with plenty of reading material to help you get your "Zzzzz" on. Again, simple, lightweight heavy comforter or duvets. Interchangeable throw pillows make minimalist instantly chic.

Bring on the color, we always say! Go bold and opt for those turquoise sheets. Make your master bedroom your happy place by picking complimentary bedding to accompany your walls. Think sorbet colors...instant happiness when you pop open those pretty pupils.

Where to start? Here are some simple tips from Rue Magazine that will help you design the perfect sleep oasis:

Begin with the bed. As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the style and placement of the bed will impact the rest of the room’s design. Decide what style is right for you. We love a high headboard that allows for reading in bed.

Look up. Select a large piece of art or a mirror to hang (well-secured) above the bed to contrast the sleek bedding below.

Add storage. No matter the closet space, there never seems to be enough storage. Add extra with a platform bed – like this one from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams that has the space of an eight-drawer dresser! Or, use a small storage chest as a bedside table which provides both interior storage and plenty of space for a pile of books or vase of flowers.

Finish the bed. High quality bedding in 100% cotton percale makes a huge difference in your comfort. Also, an end-of-bed ottoman is a useful spot to sit and put on your shoes on  or neatly store decorative pillows at night (just ensure you have enough room between it and other furniture to get by). If you have the space, a loveseat looks luxe at the foot of a bed.

Lighten up. For lamps on bedside tables: If the tables are the same, use different lamps. If different, use matching lamps to tie the pieces together. Add a throw on the bed or a chair. A lamp, chair, and side table are all you need to create a reading nook. Small-space chair options include slipper, barrel, or even an upholstered dining chair, which can double as a desk chair. Just don’t let the chair be a dumping ground for clothes or magazines waiting to be read.

Accessorize. Balance art above a dresser or chest in the room, add a tall greenery arrangement on top of the chest along with vases, trays or objects.

Host your guests in style. Some bedrooms aren’t always bedrooms. If your guest room serves dual purposes (home office or living room, for instance), make overnight stays comfortable by investing in a quality sleeper sofa. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams makes sleepers with 8″ pillow-top super luxe model. Just be sure any nearby furniture can be moved easily to make room for the extended bed.

When in doubt...sleep it out! Happy shopping! xo

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