How to Make Realistic New Years Resolutions


By Brynne Ramella. Christmas is less than two weeks away, which means that 2015 is sneaking up on us. A new year often means one thing for many people: New Years resolutions. Many people abandon their resolutions shortly into the new year. Don't fall into that majority! Take the time to plan out your resolutions and make sure that they will stick.

  1. Think about last year.  Reflect on what went wrong in the last 12 months. What would want to change? What would you wish you did better? Try jotting down a list before you nail down a resolution.
  2. Write down your resolution. Once you write a list of ideas for your resolution, write down the resolution that you settle on. This will make it seem more like a real and concrete thing.
  3. Take your time. Don't try to do it all in January. For example, if you decide to work out more in 2015, don't hit the gym for two hours a day every day. You need to ease into things. If you do too much at once, you'll get burned out.
  4. Find a support system. It can be hard to fulfill a New Years resolution. Make sure your friends and family are aware of your decision and willing to support you. If you're surrounded by people who may talk you back into habits that you're trying to change, then what was the point of all of this?
  5. Have a realistic timeline. Some goals cannot be accomplished in a year. Make sure you're aware of that. If you need to lay the ground work in 2015, but can't fulfill your resolution until 2016, know that's okay! The point of New Years resolutions is to create a healthy and happy lifestyle, no matter how long it takes.

Do you have a New Years resolution in mind already? Share it with us!