Maximize Your Entertaining Space


How many of us would enjoy entertaining more if we had the space? How many of us really do have the space and are not optimizing it?

Let’s consider an upcoming holiday such as Mother’s Day. I happen to be part of a large and loving family and we celebrate together as often as possible. Never too many reasons to celebrate! (It’s a good mantra to keep the family together, too!)

If you entertain, you understand this moment:”What’s the best way to serve and where will everyone sit?” Chances are, if your space is designed well, you can move furnishings around for dining, cocktailing, movie night, etc. Flexible plans are designed keeping multiple functions in mind when scaling in permanent and moveable pieces of furniture. If you’d like your home, or just a single room, to have flexibility for living, and entertaining, this is an early "must-discuss" topic between you and your designer!

Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Table space. Place a dining table against the wall so it can now be used for buffet or desserts.
  • Utilize the small furniture. Try using your large ottoman as added perimeter seating.
  • Homemade bar. Take your console table -- remove collectibles and photos — and drape with a lovely tablecloth, to pull together a makeshift bar. If it’s long enough, the tablecloth can also hide some of those collectibles and photos. Good trick and they’re tucked away safely!
  • Fun seating for the kids. Toss a large throw pillow on the floor and use a serving tray on the floor in front of them for food. You just freed up some chairs and preemptively caught spills!

Here’s to enjoying entertaining, staying flexible and maximizing your time with loved ones!