What It Means to Be An Eagle Scout


Reading the newspaper a few weeks ago my eye caught the word “Eagle Scout.” I learned that Eagle Scouts soar in life. Remembering I had been a Brownie and a Girl Scout I decided to read the article and school myself on “the Eagle.” Why? I am the proud grandmother of ten grandsons! The article celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the Eagle Scouts. Their program has been called “the PhD of boyhood.”

I was overwhelmed what I learned. In my opinion, all American boys should be required to enter the Eagle Scout program. An Eagle Scout equals the ultimate accomplishment. They excel in life.

Today our sons and grandsons are living in a frantic world. They need every tool in their arsenal to reach their potential. They need the opportunity to “soar like the eagle.”

Eagle Scout graduates include Neil Armstrong, Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, University Presidents, Gerald Ford, and many outstanding citizens that, through their community work, help make their towns and cities prosper.

A few days after reading the article the author of a new book, Michael Malone, an Eagle himself, was interviewed on television. I was lucky to be able to watch and learn more. His book is titled 4%. Why? Four percent of American boys are graduates of the Eagle Scouts. Moms and grandmothers alike, let’s help bring that percentage up for the sake of our grandsons and our country.

Ok, that’s all. Have a great day!