Modern Day Miracles


By Honey Good.

Miracle: A highly improvable extraordinary event that brings very welcome consequences -Oxford American Dictionary

A beloved young man died last week in an automobile accident. His name was Nacho. He was thirty-two years old. He was a loving husband and had a life plan. He owned a valet-parking company. His main client was a country club and its membership. His team of young men parked the member’s cars as they drove into the club. These members used his company for their private parties. His personality, his contagious smile, and his industrious manner made all who knew him; love him. Suddenly, he was gone.

He left a young Romanian wife, Simona. She just graduated nursing school. They were going to start a family this summer. As she told me, “We tried to do everything right. We had a plan.” Now, overnight, she is a widow. He is gone. She is alone.

As I sat down to write a proper note of condolence, my mind flashed back to my young life.

I lost my first husband suddenly at a young age. I could relate to this young woman and decided to express my feelings in a note to Simona. My words became a personal letter of outreach to this bereaved young widow.

The next day with my addressed envelope in hand, I stopped by the club with Shelly and handed my letter to one of the car parkers to mail. I barely knew him.

Out of the blue he said to me (not having any idea of what I had written) “Would you like me to drive you over to her casita (a minute away)? “You can personally give it to her?” I immediately agreed and said “I would love that. Please check with her.” A few minutes later, he beckoned us to climb into the golf cart.

I spent twenty minutes alone with Simona. My memory of learning of the death of my young husband flashed before my eyes as I wrapped my arms around this young woman. I looked her in the eyes and we both cried. With my hands resting on her shoulders I spoke to her from my heart. I hope I left her with “words of wisdom.”

In my mind, this was a modern day miracle. There were three car parkers standing there when we drove up. Why did that car parker approach me in my car? What made him ask if I wanted to hand deliver my note? Why did Simona, who did not know me, welcome me to her home? Why did I say “yes” when my written thoughts were sealed inside the envelope?

Modern day miracles happen. You have to be soulful enough to recognize them and reach out when they appear. The parker, Simone and I did just that. We made an event…a modern day miracle happen.