Mother's Day Flowers


As a young mother and now grandmother, I have always surrounded myself with beautiful plants and flowers. A house becomes a home when it has a woman’s touch. I have always prided myself, since I was a young married girl, on my ability to make my homes beautiful.  As Mother’s Day approaches, it is time for me to think of a gorgeous floral arrangement or beautiful flowering plant in a perfect container for my mother, so I'd love to share with you my Mother's Day flower trends for this year.

I always add a personal touch; a hand written loving message to my mom. I choose to write on my embossed stationary rather than a store bought card because the words of love on Mother’s Day are mine.

 I will share my choices of cut flowers, blooming plants, and my choice of colored palates I most love. First, I wanted to share a little history of Mother’s Day.

“Flowers trigger happy emotions,” states Rutgers Research. A Harvard Study reveals that fresh flowers in our mother’s and grandmother’s home (as well as our own) bring out positive feelings. I know this to be true.

Why is Mother’s Day symbolized with the gift of fresh flowers? This can be credited to a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis whose mother loved carnations. She rallied the government to establish a national holiday for mothers. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May as National Mother’s Day.

Honey Good’s Favorite Mother’s Day Plants 

  • Hydrangeas:   I just love this flowering plant. I buy this plant often for my mother because I am attracted to their color and size. I love a big statement! Purple and green Hydrangeas are my favorite, but they also come in white, pink and blue. Walking into a room with a hydrangeas plant on the coffee table is a WOW! 
  • Orchids:   My favorite is the Phalaenopsis Orchid. They are so white with perfectly placed yellow centers.  This variety of orchid is elegant, long lasting, and will bloom over and over if you learn how to handle them. They are very low maintenance in the care department. Three ice cubes a week around the base of the plant, and a spritz of water in a spray bottle on the buds and over the top is all it takes. I have this variety of orchid in every room of my homes. I love orchids so much that I named our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, Orchid! 

Honey Good’s Mother’s Day Flowers 

  • Tulips:   A bouquet of yellow tulips always brings a smile to mine and my mom’s face. I bring them to her in a plain glass vase with clear spring fresh water. The color yellow symbolizes happiness. You can mention this in the card of love you write to your mom.
  • Roses:  The rose is the flower that symbolizes love around the world. Pink roses are my favorites for Mother’s Day. Again, I place them in a vase of cool water in a natural arrangement as though they were growing in my garden.
  • Freesi and Lilies: I place these two different flowers in the same category because of their fragrance.  My mother tells me their sweet smelling fragrance perfumes the room. And I agree. I buy them weekly at the flower market across the street from where I live and put them in our bedroom and on my dressing table. They are not expensive and smell delicious! 

Honey Good’s Choices of Colors and Color Coordinates

  • Pink:  is the traditional color for Mother’s Day. Pink roses for sure!
  • Hot pink and orange are vibrant and fun options.
  • Citron and purple are two of my favorite colors.
  • Bright tangerine is so dramatic and unusual. They are very eye catching. I saw center pieces at a party and I was mesmerized by the burst of color!

Year in and out I send my mother flowers or a beautiful plant on Mother’s Day, along with flowery words of love. I also send flowers or a plant to my daughters who are my pride and joy.