Your Mother's Day Tributes


Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.-Author Unknown

In honor of Mother’s Day, Honey Good asked her community of grandmothers to write in about their own mothers. Here are those heartfelt tributes:

My namesake, my caretaker, and my supporter. Thank you GRANDMA for raising me and making me the person I am today. -Emma L.

There are few people in life who know you truly for you. You have known me from the beginning. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you! -Stephanie K.

From driving me to every softball practice, to taking me shopping, to making every birthday special...Grandma I love you!  Thank you for filling the shoes when needed. -Laura P.

Mom, thanks for your wisdom and love. You are my best friend! -Ashley M.

To my Mother (Vanessa) and my Grandmother (Abby), Thank you for being the strong women you are! Thank you for teaching me how to be like you two and supporting me along the way. Love you!!! -Andrea M.

You are not a step-mother to be, you are my mother. I love you! -Nancy M.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thanks for being there for me through it all! Love you! -Margaret V.

Dear Mom, I love what we have and am thankful for our relationship. Thanks for being there for me. -Your Bernie Bean