Movie Review: Brooklyn

Movie Review for Brooklyn

By: Peneflix

“Brooklyn”, is an enchanting and wonderful tale of a young Irish immigrant. Futureless, she leaves the choking atmosphere of a small town in Ireland, sailing to New York in 1952. Saoirse Ronan, as “Eiles Lacey” is sublime, captivating as the homesick, heartsick, naive migrant who is adjusting to a female restrictive boarding house, toiling as a department store clerk. The monotony of her days is broken by “Father Flood” (perfect Jim Broadbent) who encourages her to attend night classes. She also goes, with her fellow boarders, to a social where she encounters “Tony Fiorello” (Emory Cohen who is magnetic), an Italian boy who likes Irish girls. Love evolves until tragedy intervenes, and Eiles returns to Ireland, where she is wooed by handsome, wealthy “Jim Farrell” (Domhnall Gleeson,“Ex Machina”); “choices” resonate at the core of the film.

Directed by John Crowley (based on the novel by Colm Toibin) “Brooklyn” soars as Eiles matures, doffing the shackles of the neophyte, insecurity overwhelmed by confidence; she blossoms, but nary a dent pierces her moral fiber, she is good, pure and one of the most likeable protagonists in recent films.

“Brooklyn”, stunningly and quietly filmed, scores on a myriad of levels: boundaries, where one’s loyalties reside, which side of the ocean does one choose, searching for “self”, and acceptance in an alien world. Wisdom, intelligence, and reality simmer at the epicenter of this beautifully heartwarming movie, leaving viewers happily satiated, smiling as they exit; joyously acknowledging the gift rendered by all who participated in this jewel of entertainment.


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Author: Peneflix