Movie Review: Heaven Knows What

By: Peneflix

If you are in the mind-set to wallow in the drug-infested, suicidal, unsanitary world of mutant teenagers, ensconced in the dank corridors of New York City, “Heaven Knows What” is the muck for you. Writer Arielle Holmes stars in this torrid, fictionalized, doomed portrait of herself. I sat through an hour of this “hellish” detritus (atoning for sins I’ve committed in the last ten years), exiting terrified that the next generation of filmmakers, not talentless, but informed by homelessness, heroin, and humiliation, will gift audiences “love” stories of warped bleakness;  suicide is testament of one’s devotion. 

I will not rate this film. Leaving not caring a whit “what heaven knows”; possibly there’s an episodic transformation and a glimmer of sense filters, that breaks the desolate landscape of “unexamined lives”,  lived in a fugue of futility.

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Author: Peneflix